Obama setting precedent on our southern border

Obama Takes First Step To Abolish Border with Mexico

Obama setting precedent on our southern borderYou knew this was coming , and you were right. Obama is continuing his desperate head long dash to the destruction of America. To that end he is now taking the single most direct shot towards abolishing our southern border.

To that end Obama is proposing the first ever UNMANNED PORT OF ENTRY on the border with Mexico.


on the southern border

There are a couple of other such ports on our northern border, and those too are a bad idea,  but to compare the two borders and think that the two are in any way similar  is sheer insanity!

The gang war between the Mexican government and the drug cartels is, for all practical purposes, over; the cartels won. The wars raging now in Mexico are gang wars between the various cartels. We don’t know how many tens or hundreds of thousands of people were/are killed in Mexico but we do know that a number of them have been killed with guns and money supplied to drug cartels by the Obama administration.  We also know that terrorist groups from the Middle East and South America are making their way to the US through our shamefully porous border.

This is the background against which Obama thinks that it’s a good idea to remove border guards from crossing points and instead replace them with “automated kiosks” The first such experiment will be implemented at the crossing into Big Bend National Park in Texas.

This about the borders of the United States of America and about eroding  their sanctity and their very existence.

This idiotic idea would work as follows. Mexicans would scan whatever document Obama deems appropriate, talk to a border agent 100 miles away and pass into the US.

To understand the perversity of this scam, please keep in mind that the Obama administration is touting this as a security improvement! They point to  the addition of eight border patrol agents who will be housed  in the area as a step up in security.

The agents’ role will be to patrol the area and catch illegal aliens that may have already crossed the border. Of course you are confused, like I said before,  it’s an idiotic proposal. If we are to add agents to the area why not make it a manned post?

Obama wants to let Mexicans come and go as they please yet his  TSA is now conducting searches on our highways


Sure in this case the residents of the nearby Mexican town are probably law abiding citizens and sure it’s possible that for whatever reason the drug cartels decided to not use this town as a base of operation. SO WHAT?

The paperwork they poses can easily be transferred, voluntarily or otherwise,  to a drug dealer or a terrorist once the boarder agent who is 100 miles away approved the crossing. Then we’d have terrorists roaming the country with papers identifying them as being in the country legally. How many local law enforcement officers throughout the country will know what these papers are and how to differentiate between these papers and other papers.

This is not about facilitating commerce between a tiny town in Mexico and a tiny town in the US !  This could be done with a manned post just as easily. If the citizens of the tiny Mexican town are so law abiding then fine, open the manned post for a few hours a day and that should give everyone enough time to get groceries in America.

This about the borders of the United States of America and about eroding  their sanctity and their very existence. This yet another experiment to see if the American public can be bamboozled into giving up our sovereignty inch by bloody inch!

Call your congressman and your senator and tell them that they must stop this. Tell then that they must not lend legitimacy to this insane experiment that will spread like the cancer that it is. The link below will take you to the website where you can find their phone number…Or don’t call , just brush up on you Spanish and use your new found skills to complain when your children are kidnapped and/or shot in the street just  like  in Mexico. The choice is yours. Source




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