Obama supporters burn American falg

Obama Supporters in Charlotte Burn US Flags

Obama supporters burn American falg

Charred remains of an American flag police say was burned in front of the Occupy Charlotte camp

I will keep referring to  OWS  as “Obama supporters” until they show up at the White House and protest Obama stealing our hard earned money and gifting  it to his hand picked cronies in the BANKING and other industries! Also Obama and the democrats certainly support OWS so I suppose it’s mutual.

While their leader is in Hawaii playing golf for the good of the people and his wife is gallivanting round in $2000 sun dresses, Obama’s supporters are burning US flags in Charlotte North Carolina.

Taking a page out of what currently seems to be Obama’s favorite phrase, the “leader” of the Charlotte group claimed that his actions were prompted by the “laziness” of his followers “I’ve seen this group lose its activism and become lazy,” said Tyler, adding that the other men told him, “We’re going to give Occupy Charlotte a wake up call.”

We wonder if the Charlotte OWS group shared the “Hawaii lazy” affliction from which  their spiritual mentor Barack Hussein Obama confessed to suffering. Source



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One Response to Obama Supporters in Charlotte Burn US Flags

  1. NewBard January 22, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    This is just the beginning of “Obama Anarchy” planned for America. There wil be blood in the streets in December.

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