Obama Shows Off His Mondegreens

Showing great progress Obama addresses a sixth grade class with only two pompters

Showing great progress Obama addresses a sixth grade class with only two prompters

By Chris Olt

(Read time 45 seconds)

Showing remarkable promise,  Obama  spoke  to a sixth grade class using only two teleprompters. We have it from good sources that Obama practiced diligently.  We are further told that after further coaching from Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, and Gibbs Obama should be ready to do the same with a 7th grade class, though the speech will be written in a more appropriate style without onomatopoeics , contranyms or just words whose pronunciation  was not covered by the Columbia or Harvard curriculum.

All Obama’s handlers were gushing when they  explained that Obama has really  clamped down on the “mondegreens” and now pronounces the words as they are written on the TelePrompter instead of substituting Ebonics. They said they worked on this in anticipation of the Nobel prize speech and could not be more proud of the progress that Obama made. They cited that Obama no longer bee-bops to the mike and says “You gots to git those Benjamins so you cin git dat bling-bling fo heath care pograms”

Harry Reid, who was  present at the conference  , jumped up and and exclaimed “ what a clean black man without a negro accent! I wish was one too!”

Pelosi,  also present, blinked four times which her taxpayer provided military  interpreters told us meant she was smiling approvingly.


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