Obama sends more illegals home than any other president

Obama Sends More Illegals Home than Any Other President… Unintentionally

Obama sends more illegals home than any other president For all his groveling at the feet of  La Raza and assorted other anti-American Hispanic groups, Obama has succeeded in doing what no president in the past 20 years has been able to accomplish.

Be it by design or be it just another by product of Obama’s sheer incompetence and stupidity the illegal alien population in America has been decreasing since just after  Obama took office.

La Raza means, of course, “The Race”  in Spanish and therefore it’s probably safe to assume that they are not talking about caucasians or Asians. That the “post-racial president” makes it a point to go and speak on numerous occasions to an organization named “The Race” is very telling of Obama’s true agenda. Would he, or for that matter any of the politicians that support La Raza, the Hispanic race organization, speak at or support an organization called “The White Race?”

The MSM propaganda machine is having a difficult time spinning this.  Afterall, on the one hand they want the Hispanic vote to go to Obama.  On the other hand, they want Americans to see Obama as doing something to stop illegal immigration. To this end, the MSM is at once touting Obama’s supposed crackdown on companies hiring illegal immigrants while at the same time trying to somehow blame the Republicans for, well for everything.  Obama too is talking out all sides of his mouth on this.  Telling us that he is working to reverse illegal immigration while also giving speeches to La Raza lamenting that he does not have dictatorial powers to abolish our borders.

The hypocrisy and idiocy of  this aspect of the Obama administration is not in any way different than the rest of the Obama policies, but the results are not exactly what Obama desired.

For the first time since the invasion of what was at the height probably over 12 million illegal aliens started, the numbers are actually decreasing.  In 2009, not only did the number of illegal aliens stop growing, but it actually decreased  to about 10.8 million. The trend is expected to continue this year.

Obama is not alone in this de facto illegal alien deportation, but he does have lots of help, again unintentional help, from liberal elected official at state and municipal levels.

In California, once the natural mecca for illegal aliens, the population is decreasing sharply. Most of the illegals cite lack of jobs and the exorbitantly expensive cost of living.

So while Obama and the liberals are paying lip service to the illegal alien lobby, in reality their disastrous polices are having the effect of a massive 1.2 million people per year deportation.


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