Obama Robs us Blind, Bails Europe, Makes Bankers Rich…er

Henry Kravitz of KKR

Obama’s European bail-out was engineered back in September in a backroom meeting with executives from Soros, PIMCo KKR and other hedge funds and Obama bankers!

To bring you up to date,  Obama announced that the Fed was cutting the cost of temporary dollar liquidity swaps almost in half. The rate was reduced from about one percent to slightly over 0.5 percent. It is now half as cheap for the central banks to borrow an unlimited amount of dollars fresh off the printing press.  These dollars will then flood the world markets to finance many programs that are very critical to the security of the United States. Among these programs you’ll find studies to determine whether or not water can be used to hydrate human beings, or to fund the retirement of Greek disc jokeys at 58 after drawing 20 years of  hazardous duty pay,  etc.

The thing that Obama does not want you to know that this plan was set up in a closed doors meeting between administration officials and some of Obama’s wealthiest backers.

William H Grosss of Pimco

William H Grosss of Pimco

FOX news Freedom Watch reports that the meeting was attended by executives from the Soros organization , KKR ( Kohlberg, Kravitz and Robinson , if you don’t know who they are google them and be amazed) and Pimco. Pimoco’s co-founder William H Grosshg manages the world’s largest mutual fund and Pimco is the world’s largest bond investor.

The administration claims that they only “listened” to their wealthiest and most powerful backers but did not act on it.
That’s seems to be a very odd statement considering that they are now doing exactly what the bankers told them to do.

This is a very vivid example of how the bankers are pulling Obama’s strings.

The worst is yet to come and we don’t yet know what sort of guarantees Obama promised  or will promise the European Union. What we do know is that once again Obama is robing us and our children blind and making the bankers richer.


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