Obama Regime Toyota Coverup

You knew it was coming ! NTSA retiree claims that the Obamunists failed to release data  that would be favorable to Toyota.

In yet another display of the Obama Dictatorship destroying the best companies in the world we now know that Obama hid data that would benefit Toyota’s case.
Not only did Obama try to destroy Toyota but in the process furthered his agenda of driving the middle class to desperation and the street fighting that he hopes would lead to his dictatorship. The price of  Toyota stock fell almost 27% and the retirement funds of over 100 million Americans who are invested in the market took  yet another Obama hit. most of them are white and so Obama not only  doesn’t care but it is rumored that he  played a few rounds of golf to celebrate.
Can you imagine if a non communist American President had done this? How many times would he have been impeached?
Of course nothing will happen because you don’t care and we slowly and comfortably ink in the dark stench of tyranny.

Here is the article.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration retiree says the decision to keep the data private for now was objected to by some NHTSA officials. George Person, who retired July 3 after nearly 30 years with NHTSA, talked to the paper after his retirement. Continued


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