Obama Lies To The Country…Again

ObamaIf you have one iota of doubt that Obama is a charlatan who will stop at nothing to gain power and destroy our country focus on this!

Numbers have this funny way of exposing liars, maybe that’s why as a public school student in NYC I took a liking to math, the subject was immune to the blabbering of the demented leftists that populate the NYC teacher’s union.

When Obama goes out and lies so blatantly and so nonchalantly about the budget deficit understand two things. First understand that he is desperate, second understand what scum this creature is!

Obama claimed that the Bush Budget was $1.3  trillion and therefore his $1.7 trillion budget is only 30% larger – as if that’s not bad enough!


Here are the numbers:

Bush budget was about  $450 Billion for most of the year, as Dick Morris explains in the video below, and then the budget went up $100 Billion in October for a total of about $500 Billion. ( No one ever claimed “W” to be a fiscal conservative but compared to Obama..)

Compared to that the Obama Budget is more then three times bigger!

TARP was added to the budget as a loan to banks to help with liquidity. That TARP budget as  you all know was $700 billion dollars.  Most of that, $500 billion, was repaid.  The banks repaid back an amount that was equal to the entire Bush budget!

Where did that money go? Obama stole it and gave it back out as redistribution of wealth just as he promised that he would do ( see video) and you and your children will have to pay for it. But don’t worry it all went to good causes such as wealthy Obama bankers , far left liberal  supporters, and of course minorities. Tell your children that as they finish school and have to pay 75% taxes because their parents were too weak or too stupid and let the charlatan in chief get away with this!

Back to the budget the TARP money, $500 billion of it,  was paid back so therefore the Bush budget was at worst $600 Billion. The Obama budget is $1.7 Trillion of money that we don’t have , triple the budget that Bush had – and remember how the libits were screaming and foaming at the mouth about the Bush budget?

Below are two videos, one of Dick Morris expalining the budget and below that the video of Obama stealing $500,000,000,000 ( five hundred billion).

Notice how quickly Obnama glances over the actual theft giving it just a passing mention-  but he reads the prompter so well doing it doesn’t he?


Obama stealing your money at the Brookings



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