Obama Flip-Flops On Supreme Court

Is this guy the nest SCOTUS justice?

Is this guy the next SCOTUS justice?

When we pointed out that Sotomayor is the most racist person to be named to the Supreme Court in quite a while , the Obamunists used the “experience” excuse, to convince us that she, in fact, was not racist, but rather she was just, well, experienced.

We all knew of, and most, including the sissified Republican party chose to ignore, the racist remark made by Sotomayor in  which she claimed that under certain circumstances an old Hispanic  hag is a better judge than a white male.

Of course it is a racist statement and of course Sotomayor couldn’t defend it, but she and the Obamunists sure tried.  To that end they attempted  to hide her racism behind what they termed her unique experience.

Here is NPR gushing over Obama’s gushing over Sotomayor “As President, Obama introduced his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Tuesday at the White House, he said, ‘Walking in the door, she would bring more experience on the bench … than anyone currently serving on the United States Supreme Court had when they were appointed.’.”

It didn’t stop there, the once in a million years experience that we were so blessed to have Sotomayor  bring to the Supreme Court was further heralded by NPR , calling Sotomayor  “an inspiring woman,” Obama said that he looked not only at intellect and the ability to be impartial, but at life experience and the ability to relate to ordinary Americans in choosing Sotomayor as his nominee….the 54-year-old judge will bring nearly 17 years of experience on the federal benchsource NPR

And here is Glen Greenwald of Salon.com staining his chaps as he too dives  head first in the Babel sized pile of excrement that was the  ‘Sotomayor’s experience” story as told by the left wing freaks: “There are a whole range of discretionary judgments which judges are required to make; does anyone actually doubt that familiarity with a wide range of cultural experiences is an asset?” source

I keep asking anyone to tell me the converse of that. If under a very specific set of circumstances a Hispanic hag makes a better judge than the white guy, then under what circumstances does the white guy make a better judge than the Hispanic hag. No lib has yet given me an answer.

OK enough of this, you get the picture, the  left was just then getting warmed up to what would soon become the all out racist assault that exploded in their  coverage of the Tea Party and culminated, we hope , in the reporting of the Times Square Terrorist Attack.

The point is that Obama and his useful idiots proclaimed high and low that Sotomayor wasn’t a racist, but rather she was experienced and experience is what counts the most when picking a Supreme Court nominee. It isn’t  knowledge of constitutional law and certainly not respect for the constitution.  Stotomayor was and is evidently pitifully lacking those. No, experience in the public housing of NYC and living on the tax payer dime was paramount! Experience at all cost damn it!

As Obama is fond of saying – perhaps becasue he can actually get this right without  a teleprompter-” Okeee Dokee”.

Fast forward to now and what have we here?
A brand spanking new SCOTUS nominee whose virtues , as touted by Obama and the same merry band of useful idiots, are her complete lack of judicial experience.

Do you really need to have attended Harvard at the expense of the Saudi King  and learned that the “constitution is a charter of negative liberties” as Obama  so often parrots  to know that it’s not possible for both experience and lack thereof to be the quality most sought after in a SCOTUS candidate?

OK here is the simple version for libits.

Sotomayor had  experience = good

Elena Keegan has no experience = good

Once again I quote Obamaba, “Okee Dokee!”

Like the rest of the country I  know nothing of Elena Keegan,  he looks like a normal guy but so did Obama and what a dismal and dangerous experiment he’s turning out to be. Like the terrorist Bill Ayers, and the America and white  hating Jeremiah Wright,  Kagan too  was one of his mentors.


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