Obama Diplomacy Pays Dividends


Read time, 50 sec.  ( libs  have someone read 2 u)

In the past year or so,  Obama,  did exactly just what he promised to do in his campaign, he “sat down” with leaders of most of the planet’s nations. After arduous negotiations and due mostly to the same diplomatic skills that he displayed during the “banking crisis” Obama succeeded at getting one nation to reduce it’s nuclear stockpile, the United States of America.  Not one to rest on his laurels,  Obama went further and then assured the world that the United States of America’s remaining arsenal would also be aimed at the United States of America. Obama added that not only would the danger of a nuclear strike be greatly lowered but also pointed out hat the ICBMs are white and veterans ergo ( he raised his chin when he said “ergo” and a few reporters fainted but their wives helped them back up) as Napolitano pointed out prone to terrorism.
Putin, after wetting himself laughing ( he quickly assured Obama that he wasn’t laughing at him but rather that he suddenly recalled a joke  he  once shared with Andropov) declared that in compliance  with the Obama treaty he too would direct the remaining Russian arsenal to be pointed at the US. Putin added that this will also make the US safer and of course stronger.
Obama said he was pleased with Putin’s announcement and bestowed blessing on the cheering and adoring  press corps many of whom noted that he did all this without the benefits of the TOTUS

Some members of the press corps were distraught as they reported that in parting Obama asked an aide, “do you think Putin was laughing at my ears”.  The aide was very reassuring “no your holiness” he said as he bowed in reverence.


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