Obama Cuts Veteran Funds Gives Money to Lib Sluts to buy Condoms.

Obama will triple the cost of veteran’s health care premiums to buy condoms for liberal sluts

Somewhere in his busy schedule of playing Golf, apologizing to the Taliban, playing more Golf, practicing his curtsey to Muslim kings, playing Golf, inciting Hispanics to commit violence against whites, playing Golf, inciting blacks to violence against whites, playing Golf, giving guns to Mexican gangsters to kill Americans and Mexicans , and playing Golf again , Obama found enough time to address the desperate needs of our wounded veterans.


I don’t want to spend a single penny of my tax money to pay for condoms will go up Sandra’s Fluke

In typical Obama concern for our veterans Obama decided the best way to support our veterans is to cut veteran benefits more than anyone else ever cut  in the history of our country. What’s that word he keeps reading of the teleprompter? Oh yeah “unprecedented.” Obama’s cuts of veteran’s health care budget is, like his complete disdain for them and what they stand for , unprecedented!

In the Obama budget health insurance premiums for veterans will  increase by over 345%

These are the men and women that, unlike Obama his family and his cohorts , sacrificed and put it all on the line for our country.

The Tricare premiums ( Tricare is the veterans healthcare program)  will increase  from $52o to over $2048  in the Obama budget. Even those making as little as $22,590 per year would also  see their premiums skyrocket.

Unless you believe  Sebelius’  budget analysis that if we pay for liberal sluts to buy condoms then we’ll save money because there would be less births – why the hell do we have to pay for those births anyway – then you have a choice to make:

Should we pay our hard earned money to buy  condoms for liberal sluts like Sandra Fluke or honor our commitment to the most deserving members of our society,our veterans.

Obama made his choice.


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