CIA Memos, just one question OK?

Its obvious that the timing of the release of the CIA Memos is orchestrated to cover up the dismal 100 day performance record of the Obama administration. That record includes the hiring of tax cheats, the nationalization of banks, presiding over the imminent bankruptcy of America’s car industry, failure to act to prevent a world wide flue pandemic from reaching the United States, failure to secure a single solitary additional combat soldier for the War in Afghanistan, embarrassing us to our European allies, getting a spanking from Iraq and the Russians, and getting turned into a prop for South American dictator Hugo Chavez and I am sure that I missed a heck of a lot!

So yeah it takes a lot of smoke to cover all that up and we have the classic wag-the-dog release of the CIA Memos.

Today even FOX is mentioning this but I was among to first to point out that the terrorists will make good usage of these incredibly valuable memos, and turning them into training manuals. ( I am certain that many of the readers of this blog figured it out long before that )

You can bet your bottom dollar that as we speak AlQaida is conducting interrogation resistance courses with Mohamed Kaboom teaching their new terrorist recruits just how far we will go and how to resist.

I only have one question for the Manchild and the other scum bags who make up this freak show we call our administration:



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