Obama Building Private Jets With Your Money

falcon-jet-interiorThe corporate jet just  like  Las Vegas, has become  a lighting rod of criticism from the Obama administration and from Obama himself.

The corporate jet is now the symbol of the new Obamminist America where all will be equal and private planes will be used only by Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Bidden and Rham Emanuel and David Axelrod and Tim Geithner well you get it…

I remember when the heads of  GM ( now Obama motors) and Chrysler came to the Capitol begging  for your money to keep $130,000 per year employees employed with money taken from Americans making an average of $45,000 per year. The CEOs  all came on private jets, were immediately chided by the comintern democrat congress and the next time they showed up in hybrid sub compacts- and  yeah that not only made it all, GM and Chrysler and the entire economy better but also that “ought to learn’em a thing or two.”

Well guess what ?  The very same administration and the very same congressmen who so righteously riled against businesses owning private jets, have just given $4.7 million of your money to “Lockheed Martin to study supersonic corporate jet travel”

I suppose Obama and the rest of congress isn’t all that against corporate jets after all just as long as they are paid for with your money.

Click here to read a great article of pork subsidies in the aircraft industry and below you’ll find the vids of Obama and Garry Ackerman and Brad Sherman, democrats all, pontificate on the evils of private jets.


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