Obama is behind Occupy Wall Street

Obama and the Left organized “Occupy Wall Street”

Obama is behind Occupy Wall StreetUpdate: The circus continues, today Laurence Fink, the CEO  of BlackRock inc just expressed his “support” for the “Wall Street Occupation” Just so you know BlackRock is the biggest multinational asset management firm in the world, they are as Wall Street as the New York Stock exchange.  So why is the alpha wolf expressing support for the sheep? Well Laurence Fink donated 12 times more money to Obama and the democrats than he did to Republicans.


At first most people didn’t know what to make of the so called ” Wall Street Occupiers.”  Prima fascia the crowd gathered there  seemed, to the untrained eye, to be a mixture of students, libertarians, and 60’s retreads.

The scam worked for a few hours, maybe even for a couple of days.

The scam worked for a while but then they just couldn’t help themselves, like all those who think themselves smarter than everyone else, they just had to open their collective mouth and show us who they were. The occasional “end the fed” cry of the one or two Libertarians lost in the crowd were soon drowned out by the strident, demented  slogans of the Marxist left. Everything from ridiculous nonsensical statements like “stop predatory equity man” to vicious statements such as “we have to kill people for the good of society”  made their way to the internet and even to video- no thanks to the MSM.

“We have to change government and get Obama reelected”

Ricahrd Tromka backs Obama's "Occupy Wall Street"

Obama and his buddy AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Then as soon as the NY Times expressed admiration for these protesters and their murderous rhetoric anyone with a brain immediately realized that this mess was staged by the left wing Obama Reelection campaign.

What do you call it when the government itself – Obama – organizes the “revolution?”

Then the usual Hollywood suspects libits, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore and former NY Governor Paterson and assorted IV league professors started to pour in and lend their particular patina of hate to  the  pile of regurgitation that gathered on Wall Stret.


Yesterday  it became official.

Then any pretense was thrown away and it all became official. Yesterday Moveon.org  and the Amalgamated  Transit  Union Workers one of the local arms of the AFL-CIO came out from behind the veil to join the “protestors”.

Even  AFL-CIO Chief Richard Trumka threw his support behind the  Occupy Wall Street Protesters

“The U.S. labor movement will support demonstrations around the country by anti-Wall Street protesters, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Wednesday.

With that, Mr. Tromka , Obama’s buddy, opened the flood gates and now unions throughout the country from DC to Chicago, will join the “Wall Street Occupiers”  Sure this isn’t organized by Obamaand his machine.

Amalgamated  Transit  Union Workers back Obama's Wall Street occupationSpeaking on a conference call with reporters, Trumka said the labor movement backs the goals of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City and elsewhere and will work with such groups “to make the top 1% pay their share.””


Do you think for a second that the AFL-CIO will support anyone willy-nilly? Do you think that Richard Trumka would support anyone who is not organized by, or supportive of Obama?

This messy stench that is littering Wall Street is organized by the government, the evidence is clear, so what do you call it when the government itself – Obama – organizes the “revolution?”


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