Obama and the Left Exposed…Again

AlitoIt’s very difficult for a normal human being  to understand how someone can, without missing a beat, get on international television, front and center in the eye of history, and effortlessly descend into the darkest, most disgusting circles of hypocrisy.

Obama’s hour long diatribe was fraught with the kind of “truths” that would make even Al Bore, or Blagojevich blush, but one particular moment stands heads and shoulders above his other “accomplishments” both in its hypocrisy and complete lack of class – did you expect anything else from a Chicago street “activist” that came out of Wright’s temple of hatred?

Time and again Obama and the democrats have significantly degraded our national security and put our lives  at increased  and unnecessary  risk.  Every time a terrorist is captured Obama sends out ACLU type lawyers – disguised as justice department attorneys – to ensure that the terrorist’s “rights” are safely guarded. Because of that we can no longer get the intelligence that we need in a timely fashion and the results are seven dead American CIA heroes killed in Afghanistan and just last week two more soldiers killed by an Afghan “interpreter”.  (That is the worst such event in the CIA’s history and another shame on the Obama administration, but of course the media makes no mention of that.  Let’s hope that history will.)

Obama and the liberals  justify all this under the idiotic  slogan that if we don’t convey civil rights upon foreign terrorists we somehow become less American. Thankfully, the vast majority of Americans share no such insecurity.  Further,  history has shown that there is no basis for any such nonsense – in WWII we executed spies and look, we have not turned into NAZI’s  (excluding some on the far left).
For a long time the left was able to bamboozle the public into thinking that it was their -the left’s -deep belief  in our laws that guided their -the left’s- determination to shower terrorists with American and American paid,  civil rights and lawyers to go along with they ethnically appropriate braised leg-o’lanmb.


How can anyone believe that Obama is hell bent on bestowing American legal rights on foreign terrorists out of his devotion for the law when he so callously – in a manner consistent with bee bopping to the mike as he used to do –  attacked the “separate but equal” branch of the American Government, the Supreme Court of The united States of America.

How can  anyone believe for second that Obama’s motivation for giving terrorists the protection of American civil  rights  is his respect for the constitution  when instead of applauding a Supreme Court decision to further guard our first amendment rights Obama goes on to attack the Supreme Court during his first State of the Union address. Worse than that, to justify his absolute disdain for the rule of  law Obama lied to the world about the US  justice system. Obama’s statement that  the ruling ” reversed a century of law” and that it  allows  “foreign companies – to spend without limit in our elections,” is a bold face lie. First, the law that  Obama refers to is of 1990’s  vintage! Hardly a century but I suppose that’s the best we can get from the Harvarda and Columbia attendee who thinks that the country has 57 states, Canada has a President and asthmatic kids are given breathalyzers.

Second, anyone with even a passing interest in our electoral system knows that foreign corporations are not allowed to contribute funds to influence elections in the Unites States”. Could there be some convoluted  circumstances under which a US company may have foreign ownership and be able to contribute to a campaign.  Everything is  possible but it’s very unlikely.  More to the point I for one prefer to be have full disclosure of corporate contributions rather then the Gordian knot of criminal contributions from nefarious sources that have funded democrats’ elections for decades. We still don’t know the source of the millions of dollars  sent tot the  Hillary campaign by Chinese dishwashers from New York’s China Town. We still don’t know the source of the funds sent to Obama from his millions of wealthy Nigerian fans -given that we now know how widespread terrorism is in Nigeria it is very possible that Obama was the first president whose campaign was funded at least in part  by terrorists.  We still don’t know if the money was returned, not that it matters the damage is done

Let’s just think about this and let it sink in.  The Obama administration is hell bent on giving “rights” to terrorists under the guise of their, the obamunists, devotion to the law  but Obama uses his State of the Union speech to condemn the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the very body who represents the rule of law in America.   Why?


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