Obama and Joe Biden endanger American civilians to get a poll bounce!

The price paid for Obama’s ” I killed Osama bin Laden” victory tour is being paid by American civilians. The families of Navy SEALs, wives, children, parents, are now under heightened security because Obama and Joe Biden decided that it’s okay to break operational security and tell the world the secrets revolving around the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The Obama administration let the world know that the Navy Seal conducted the raid to kill Osama bin Laden and now families of navy personnel are receiving death threats.


I remember the left-wing propaganda organs, that would be the TV networks and just about every newspaper in the country, going into apoplectic fits because George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier and declared that ship’s mission as “accomplished.”

Now we have the families of Navy personnel being targeted by terrorists because Obama and Joe Biden needed a jump in the polls.

I’m not sure what’s more despicable the behavior of these two clowns or that  the propaganda organs, again that would be the entire media save a few outlets, is sweeping this under the carpet.

In almost years of war the Bush administration never made such a gaffe. These two idiots authorize one raid and they screw it all up


I’m also wondering why Joe Biden and Obama are not impeached and tried for treason, or at the very least are not being sued by the families of Naval personnel for putting them and  their children in danger. The absolute incompetence and carelessness with which this administration conducts just about everything it does has so far only caused bloodshed overseas. I sincerely hope and pray that it does not spread here. How despicable that an administration is willing to put the lives of Americans, innocent civilian Americans, in jeopardy just to again a few points in a poll. Is this what a president is supposed to do? Is this what an American is supposed to do?

How much more irresponsible can this administration get?

It doesn’t matter that this was done out of incompetence, stupidity or intentionally to lend some sort of military patina to the ditzes at the top and try to convince us that they are not Tweedledum and Tweedle-traitor a couple of pencil neck wooses. The result is that Obama and Joe Biden have proven once again that they absolutely cannot be trusted to make grown-up decisions. They are a bunch of children that are  in well over their heads, their childish actions are causing death and destruction worldwide and now all that may fall on the heads of innocent American civilians.


I really wish there was a Republican or independent in Congress who stand up and demand impeachment or the very least an investigation but alas I might as well wish for time to stand still. I’ve had it with the lot of them!


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