Obama and Clinton allowing China to sell missiles to …everyone!

It’s really difficult to determine what is worse, a weak treasonous resident like Obama or a stronger treasonous president like Clinton?

Case in point, China, as Senator James Inhofe  declared on the floor of the Senate  “Clinton signed waivers to allow his top campaign fundraiser’s aerospace company to transfer U.S. missile guidance technology to China.” We are of course talking about Loral Aerospace’s Chairman and “top Clinton campaign fund raiser, socialist, Bernard Schwartz. As we all know on of the results has been that Hillary Clinton’s coffers were filled with tens of millions of dollars of money given by Chinese dishwashers from NY’s Chinatown.  The other result has been that China has not only built missiles capable of wiping out much of the US but they are also selling missiles to out worse enemies.

The Washington Post reports that China is operating a veritable flea-market of missiles thanks to “Several cables, labelled “secret,”  [that] were made public on Monday by the anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks, showing Chinese violations or circumventions of the accord.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinon’s signature is on some of these cables including one in which she cites China’s “lack of political wil ” to stop the sale.

Somehow we don’t really believe that these “secret” documents were writen for any other reason but to cover Hillary’s ever expanding a55. Also we might be a little more cynical than others but we view this, at best, as an attempt by Hillary Clinton to shake down the Chinese for future ‘contributions” Either way the bottom line is that because of her husband’s treachery and treason  and because of Obama’s weakness – or more  likely Obama’s willful cooperation-  China is now selling missiles wholesale to every rogue nation, including Iran, who wants them. These missile, missiles that ,may someday kill Americans, will have  the guidance system sold to china by Clinton and sold to our enemies by China with Obama’s blessings



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