Oabama’s Waterloo may be turning into Watergate


Major Garret, one of the few "reporters" left

Fox’s Major Garrett has publicly raised the question of the true purpose of the White House snitch site.  By doing this he put the administration in a position from where they can very easily hang themselves.

During Friday’s press conference Major Garrret raised the issue of how and why did people who otherwise had never given the administration or their cronies  their e-mail address received unsolicited e-mails from the White House.

That Gibbs had no answer is scarier than twenty Russian subs off the Eastern Seaboard.  In a desperate attempt to silence Garret, Gibbs tried to hide behind a demand to see the list of the e-mail recipients.

Why such a demand no one knows. Inspecting the list serves no purpose except to stall for time, but so be it. Fox News provided the White House with the list  and we now wait for the cover up, ahh I mean we all wait for the answer.

Aside form being the first President of the United States to kiss a kings ring and for coming up with new and creative reasons to apologize for America  this administration has not proven itself  all that  savvy at things presidential. Lets hope ‘”cover-ups” are on that long list of things at which they are not particularly adept.

There are two points that should be considered in the exchange between Major Garret and Gibbs.

First Major asks Gibbs why Axelrod’s e-mails on the topic of Obamacare are devoid of any mention of the “Public Option”. Gibbs is taken back and responds  that “this is an option that provides choice and competition..that’s the President’s goal” Some of us are taking that as another signal that a defeated Obama is moving away from the Public Option.

Second when grilled about people getting unsolicited e-mails Gibbs says “I’d be interested to see who you got that e-mail from and whether or not they’re on the list” The world wonders, WHAT LIST?

There are many ways that the administration can capture the e-mails of innocent Americans and truth be told the snitch site is the most benign on a list that can include aircraft flying over the country and sucking up e-mails , programs such as Carnivore and many other tricks  so classified or secret that we can’t even imagine them.

The Obamunists may be  counting on the fact that the previous liberal administration, Clinton’s,  was able to get away with stealing  FBI lists containing raw data on  their political adversaries. If that’s the case they are seriously miscalculating.

First not too many people get up in arms about politician’s dirty secrets being aired so the FBI list was a bit of “inside baseball”.  Truth be told many hoped to actually get to see some of the dirty laundry that Clinton had on his adversaries.

This is different, this is plain ordinary Americans whose lives and existence might be on a White House list somewhere for purposes unknown. How can any American , conservative or lib support such a thing?

Second even Clinton was forced to change his tactics by a then nascent YouTube. Internet video is now a mature technology as is Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks. Obama will not be able to get away with this.

Will they find a hyper loyal lackey willing to fall on his sword? Sure that could happen but in the end that will just make it worse.

On the other hand given how horrible they are performing the Oabmunists might use this as an excuse to clean house and send some people back to Chicago. That too will lead to leaks and tell-all books and finger pointing and eventually the truth will come out.

Obama derided republican senators who referred to Obamacare as his Waterloo.   Depending on how this plays pout Obama might just be happy to trade that Waterloo for the e-mail Watergate

Below is statement form a person on YouTube and the video!

MarcellaBrooks (3 hours ago) Show Hide
I am one of the people who have received the “White House” emails. I have not signed up to hear David Axelrod’s interpretation of this health care bill. I’d like to know if I’m on some list at the White house.
Please Please help take this viral!


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