NATO Commanders Stand By McChrystal, Snub Obama!

Obama golf ArlingtonIn an  interview with Rolling Stone magazine General McChrystal has the courage to tell the world the truth about the incompetent corrupt Obama administration.

Among the alleged ( I haven’t read it)  comments that Gen  McChrystal makes in the interview are his statements that Obama was completely unprepared for their initial  meeting. Ha! We would’ve told him that a month before the meeting! The general doesn’t mention that Obama bee-bopped to the meeting but it’s not difficult to imagine him, Obama, doing that, just as he does when walking to mike to read the TOTUS.

Obama immediately summoned McChrystal to the White House to discuss the Rolling Stone interview.  Remember that it only took Obama three months to summon a meeting with McChrystal to discuss the need for additional troops. It’s good to see, once again, where Obama’s priorities lie.

Reports are that  Gen. McChrystal also told Rolling Stone magazine that he felt betrayed by Obama’s US ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, and that he , McChrystal, also mocked VP Bidden –  We really don’t find the  latter to be news worthy after all who the hell doesn’t mock Bidden?

McChrystal is now on his apology tour and has been called to the White House . Well, we at Conunderground don’t feel all that sympathetic  to McChrystal. We feel the guy is in way over his head.  His lack of forceful criticism of the Obama’s administration’s refusal to allocate the necessary number of troops in Afghanistan has resulted in the June being on pace to be the deadliest month since the start of the war.

We also feel that McChrystal acceptance of the racist and criminally irresponsible rules of engagement imposed by Barrack Hussein Obama on American fighting men – the overwhelming majority of them white Christians – constituted, long ago, a complete and shameful surrender of the generals last shreds of honor or dignity for the sake of advancement and personal glory.

So far this month 41 Americans died and McChrystal can;t just blame Obama. Both of them are responsible and God willing will someday be tried for so cavalierly selling the lives of American fighting men down the drain.

If you think I’m too harsh on McChrystal, well, McChrystal voted for Obama and is thus directly responsible not just for the additional deaths in Afghanistan but like so many others is also responsible for inflicting the Obama plague on America.

General, you have a lot to make up for, so stand up and tell the truth about how Obama’s intention is not to win the war but to isolate and kill as many US troops as possible.  If you can’t do that  maybe take a hint from disgraced generals of the former  Roman and Japanese empires.  The blood of so many of our needlessly dead fighting men demands nothing less, in fact it demands a lot more.


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