My Obama Rant

In reply to one of my Obama postings, a Facebook friend told me not to “be a hater”. Well, he caught me in the right mood, so I let poor guy, and anyone else who reads it , have a piece of my mind. Reading it back this morning I thought it was funny so here it is:

“Don’t be a hater?” Dude, keep up with the lingo. “Don’t be hating on Obama” is the current proper terminology .


But yeah I am not jazzed at selling myself into slavery to that piece of shit and have to listen to him telling me that I’m a racist because I don’t want to give Goldman Sachs my money and becasue I don’t want some ACORN asshole telling my doctor what treatment to give me.

I am sick and tired of him playing tonsil hockey with terrorists while my civil rights are curtailed every day and I am put on terrorist watch lists because I am anti abortion because I am a vet and becasue I go to the Tea Parties and becasue I refuse to agree with him and his cronies that whites are the devil.
I am disgusted every time the prick bends down to suck the knee caps of every two bit dictator that he meets, especially the Saudi dictator and I am tired of him telling the world how bad the US is.
I am disgusted that he stole our money to “create” a handful of jobs paying $200,000 per year in counties and districts that don’t exist and I am really disgusted that the prick says “pokestan” – I’ll take “nucular” over that any day.
Unemployment is 10+ percent, underemployment is 17+, but that’s OK becasue municipal and government workers are getting raises on money that we don’t have and so we borrow form the Chinese.
Foreclosures are record levels, ARMS are coming due and oh yeah..We kicked his scrawny ass in NJ and  VA and now we’re about to do it in Mass….
And in 2010 we’ll get a majority in the House and Senate and in 2012 we’ll put one of those evil white conservative Christians in White House and see if we can put this country back on the right path.


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