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Michael Steel Has to Go NOW

Mikey DumptyI am watching Michael Steele on FOX news and I’m doing all I can to not throw up at this charlatan hustler’s lies and BS. In the first sentence he takes credit for the Tea Party and takes credit for Scott Brown. Well if he wants to take credit for Scott Brown he can have him, here is the reality on Scott Brown . On the other hand for Michael Steele  to  get on international television and claim credit or even vague tangents with the Tea Party requires the kind of  suspension of disbelief that one usually associate with Barack Obama.

I’ve written on Steele’s incompetance and bewildering silence in the face of Obama’s destruction of our country here “Michael Steele is a Potted Plant” and about his unexplained absence from the national stage at critical times here “Who Stole Michael Steele” so my opposition to him and his policies is not new. I ma happy to see that our brothers and sister conservatives inside the republican party are trying hard to get rid of this guy


The RNC as directed by it’s chairman Michael Steel has actively and directly opposed Tea Party candidates in KEY ELECTIONS!

 The RNC under Michel Steel’s necon leadership.

Under neocon Michael Steele’s leadership THE RNC SUPPORTED AND FUNDED A PRO ABORTION  LIBERAL CANDIDATE IN A PRIMARY AGAINST THE TEA PARTY CANDIDATE!  Subsequently the candidate backed by Steele r threw her support behind the democrat candidate while spending  RNC funds. I  kid you not, you can’t make this stuff up Source

In Alaska the Tea Party candidate was opposed by RNC promoted incumbent Lisa Murkowsky. Even though Joe Miller won the Republican primary and was the Republican candidate the Michael Steele RNC and the neocons in the Senate did everything possible to let Murkowski keep her committee positions and help her win in a last ditch desperate election effort. Mukowski of course will not vote to end Obamacare.

In Delaware , the RNC and it’s masters led by  Karl Rove( please change the channel when ths guy gets on FOX)  did everything possible to ensure that Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnel did not win her election.

In Nevada,  Tea Party candidate  Sharron Angle had  actually pulled ahead and led Harry Reid by 3 points.  A rtue grass roots candidate Sharron Angle’s funding came not form the RNC and it’s list of wealthy neocons but form grass roots gonservatives.  Ninety-four percent of Angles’ donations from July 1 to September 30 were for $100 or less.  Michael Steel’s RNC  did little or nothing to help her campaign  and the result was of course that Reid came form behind and won, just as Steele and the neocons wanted.

Here is Sharron angle on DC Republicans headed by Michael Steele, “The Republicans have lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles…  Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me. …They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government.”

Michael Steel single handed canceled the proven and successful 72 Hour , “Get out the vote ”  program. The result was that  Sharron Angle as well as other good candidates such as Ken Buck, Andy Barr, Brad Zaun, Keith Fimian, Jesse Kelly,  and John Koster lost close elections because they were left to fend for themselves as the democrat machine unleashed it’s organize labor shock troops against them in the last few days of the campaings.

If the aim of the RNC was to ensure that true conservatives didn’t do as well as we could’ve done then I’d gave to say that Steele did an exemplary job. 

 It’s time to get rid of the fifth column, it’s time to send Steele packing.


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