Michael Steele is a potted plant.


Potted plant?

Rarely has one political party been so ripe for picking and rarely has the other party been so utterly incompetent at harvesting such low lying fruit. It’s not just infuriating, but down right scary to watch! One party, the Democrats, are doing all possible to let the world know that the country is run by a fall down drunk version of the Keystone cops, and the Republicans are acting like they need adrenaline IV’s  just to wake up in the morning.

The Democrat leadership is a gaffe-o-matic machine  from the President to the Speaker and yet the RNC is doing nothing to exploit it. Worse,  Steele is doing more to chastise House Republicans rather than attack the democrats. Wasn’t that McClame’s  brilliant strategy also?  How’d that work out?

In the span of less than thirty days, Obama flipped on three key policy positions, Biden stuffed his foot in his mouth up to his hip, and Pelosi is doing her level best to get herself impeached (or at least removed as speaker), and Mike Steel is busy doing … well, I have no idea what he’s doing, but I know what he isn’t doing and that is mounting a vigorous offense.

Is Steele asking why did Obama take  Oprah and Soros for a spin around NYC in Air Force one? Is he demanding that Obama publish the pictures?

Is Steele marshaling up the republicans and calling for an investigation into Pelosi’s allegations that the CIA lied to congress?

Is Steele rallying support to force Obama to release the memos indicating how much information we gained from using advanced interrogation techniques?

Is Steele talking to the press letting the country know how much it will cost to find another location  to build a new Vice Presidential bunker? (Granted that Bidden  has no cause to concern himself with an assassination attempt, after all what enemy would be so dumb?)

Is Steel taking the lead in sounding the alarm about the country being in danger of having our triple A rating revoked?

The Obama Gitmo plan received a resounding 90 to 6 bipartisan defeat in the Senate.  Has Steeled moved to exploit this?

Of course not.  That would be very un-neconish of him.  On the other hand, when twenty-nine Republicans wanted to draft a resolution to formally  petition the democrats to change the name of the party to a more truthful Socialist Democrat Party,  Steele heroically jumped to action to prevent them from embarrassing the democrats. When he got appointed Chairman of the RNC Steele was peacocking on every TV show  that would have him telling the world that he was the “de facto” leader of the republican party. Now he’s nowhere to be found except when criticizing Republicans.

Good job, Steele, you clueless spineless …

I’ve expressed doubt that Steele can take the party to a meaningful victory in 2010 and once again it seems that, unfortunately, I’m right.

Imagine if any of the above colossal gaffes  and missteps were made by the Republicans, what do you think Dean or McAullif would’ve done?  Why is it too much to ask that our own leadership stand up and fight.  Is Steele a plant for the Democrats? Probably not but he’s not much more than a potted plant.


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