McCain Joins Obama’s Reelection Committee

Many rolled their eyes when Michael Savage proclaimed McLaim a plant and a shill. As time passed however, and the evidence mounted, most warmed up to the idea. Now, no one doubts Michael Savage’s statement.
While his miserable daughter is out swapping swizzle sticks with the most despicable of the left’s propaganda droids and bashing, insulting and regurgitating lies about the Tea Party, daddy McLaim is busy telling the world how wonderful the illegitimate Resident has become and paving the way for Ohvomit’s re-election.
Consider this tidbit that came out during McLaim’s interview with Bloomerg television.

“I think there’s a number of issues we could work on together, and I think it’s pretty clear that the president has really pivoted to a much more centrist position, which I think makes it much easier for us to work with him,” McCain said.

“Pivoted to a centrist position. …easier to work with?” Really? McLaim on what the hell issue do you find it so much “easier to work with” the Impostor? Here is a news flash for you.
We voted the Republicans in to stop Obamacare, how easy is it to work with Obama on that issue?
We voted Republican because we no longer want our money to go towards funding the murder of babies. Is Obama cooperating on this issue?

To the Arizona  neocons who inflicted McCain on us –  you deserve what you get .

We voted for the Republicans so that we can find out to which of his cronies Obama doled out billions of dollars and to hold him and them accountable and to bring them to justice. Is Obama co-operating on that issue?
We voted the Republicans in so that we can find out why the terrorist New Black Panthers were pardoned and then hold accountable whoever was responsible. Is Obama co-operating on this issue?
We voted for the Republicans so that the redistribution of our hard earned money through the Gordian knot of unfair tax codes be stopped and be replaced with a “flat” or “fair” tax. Is Obama co-operating on this issue?
We voted Republican to prevent Obama from destroying our nuclear defense system. How did that work out? Is he going to reverse the damage he’s done now that he is so damn “centrist”?
Is Obama really a “centrist?” That this thought even enters McCain’s brain cell is testimony to how far left of center McCain is himself. Obama is not a “centrist”.  The mere thought of that is abhorrent to any logical mind.

It’s difficult to rank the television networks themselves in the order or servitude to the dictatorship that is rapidly devouring America.
This problem gets significantly easier if, instead, we rank the networks owners’ propensity for dictatorial behavior. Michael Bloomberg would be as much a dictator, perhaps worse, as Hugo Chavez on his best day , if only he could get away from this pesky outdated US Constitution and those Tea Party plebes. It is very telling that McLaim decided to so shame himself on Bloomberg’s own network.

Note, too, that like his truly nasty little offspring McLaim gives no credit to the Tea Party contribution to Obama’s sudden metamorphosis. Of course, that surprises none of us. After all, McLaim cared little about the wishes of the American people when the tried to destroy America with his attempt to provide amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens and their 140 million dependents who would soon follow.
Make no mistake! This is exactly what McCain is referring to when he calls Ohvomit a “centrist.”  He is setting up his next attempt to assassinate our country and asphyxiate our freedom with the putrid stench of his upcoming amnesty bill.

He is setting-up the upcoming “bipartisan immigration bill”.


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One Response to McCain Joins Obama’s Reelection Committee

  1. John Pullen November 17, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    This is the worst slander I’ve read in quite a while. I especially abhor the little comments within people’s names. Make me sick to read it.

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