Black mass murderer Omar Thurton

Manchester Racial Murders Sponsored By The Left

Black mass murderer Omar Thurton

Black mass murderer Omar Thurton

Yet another black man went on a killing spree and shot 9 white victims. This one happened in Manchester Connecticut and  once again the motive  is racism.

The black murderer was about to be fired for stealing beer and was asked, by mamagemnt,  to come in the next day to resign. The man had other plans and instead the accused thief decided to upgrade his status to murderer and came in with the purpose of shooting whites. His rationalization is that he perceived some whites to be racist.  Omar Thorton’s union officials declared that the murderer did not file any complains about racism- of course he didn’t because there probably were none.

As liberals are so fond of saying, Omar may well be “the victim of society.” Or to be more precise Omar is manipulated by the left! The weak minded, as Omar and his ilk necessarily are, are easily manipulated by likes of Jermiah Wright and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. That kind of racism spewed by these scum bags has been around for years, but now it is amplified by Obama’s Racial Cold War. Now we have CNN and CNBC and MSNBC and NY Times and just about every other media organ, news or not, telling blacks that whites are racist and imply that because of that whites deserve whatever. ( How long will we let this go on?  ) Now we have a Supreme court Justice telling the world that whites are inferior and racist, now we have black Democrat candidates telling the world that whites are subjugators, now we have the entire Congressional Black Caucus telling the world that America is racist… And the weak minded listen… And blacks go on killing sprees and 500,000 whites fall victim to violent black on white crime every year.

Omar’s Throton scum brother declared, just as Nadal Hassan’s scum bag cousin did , that Omar was supposedly the sybject of racial harraesement. After he finished killing the 9 whites Omar called his mother and said “I killed the five racists bothering me” We don;t know what his mother’s response was.

Now we have the president telling the world that his favorite politician is a man who stated, just a day before Obama declared how much he loved this individual, that “blond hair blue eyed devils” caused the global recession. Now we have a president whose inaugural VIP tent was filled with race agitators such as the scum bag who wrote the lyrics  “no more white lies my president is black “ Now we have a president who goes on to ferment and encourage to violence illegal aliens in Arizona…against American citizens! Where did you think that this will lead?

Not long after the first Tea Parties, I’ve warned that if we allow Obama to get away with imposing his policies of nationalizing banks, stealing our money will be the least of our worries…

Look where we are now!
A Muslim Arab killed 13 soldiers on US soil because he felt “racially harassed” even though there is no evidence of any of it, a white teenage boy is kidnapped and tortured for being white, a Chinese man is killed by blacks for trying to prevent additional racial motivated assaults on his son,a white man is attacked by blacks for listening to rap music“,  peaceful white tea party protesters are attacked by blacks, new balck panther terorrists are intimidating white voters at the voting ballots with Obama’s blessing,  a black murderer shoots 9 people in Connecticut because he felt “racial harassment,” In New York city we have Mexican commandos patrolling the streets to try and combat the numerous racial attacks by blacks against Hispanics,  in Arizona, Mexicans target and kill white law enforcement officers with the implied impunity given them by Obama law suits against the citizens of Arizona .  In Afghanistan white soldiers are killed in record numbers due to the rules of engagement imposed by Obama which greatly favor the muslim terrorists at the expense of US troops . Did you expect anything else? After all the “new” rules of engagement were preceded  by the  department of homeland security classifying returning veterans as possible terrorist.

The Obama nightmare is accelerating and getting worse by the minute, it is aided and promoted by the anti white anti Christian campaign conducted by the media organs.  The racially motivated murder of the 9 people in Manchester Connecticut is on the heads of the leftist media and the left politicians and those that fund them and support them as much as it is on the head of Omar Thorton.

The question is what will we do about it? Will we continue to be slaughtered in our homes, places of work and streets and  resign to cower to charges of racism and beg to not be labeled as such by the same people who instigate and motivate and conduct the racially motivated attacks. I have yet to see a rally protesting black on white crime!

More whites are casualties of black on white crime right here in the the US  each and every year  than are in Afghanistan and Iraq at the hands of terrorists.  Welcome to Obama’s Racial Cold War!


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