Libits Throw First Abortion Party

On a college campus a bunch of creatures decided to throw a party to raise  funds for an unfortunate woman to have an abortion. I found out about this trough a twitter thread about an article in Salon magazine.

I just saw this in Salon magazine, where else, and had to do a double take. In fact I did a double take not just due to the unbridled depravity of just the idea of conducting such an event but also because at first I agreed with the author. ( Not the  asshole who hosted of the party or  the lost  soul who is having the abortion  but the author of the article)

Tracy of Salon magazine writes “…it’s just the sort of thing they imagine we evil, unfeeling, baby-hating pro-choicers do for fun: We abort fetuses, then throw parties!”
I am not sure who Tracy thinks that the “they” are but its true, most of us non-demented Americans will put nothing past liberal freaks like Tracy.

I can’t even begin to address the utter, well, yes, evil is the appropriate word,  of this event, how can I? It is the embodiment of one of the worst nightmares that the libits have inflicted upon humanity. Its something that you knew resided in that dark nebula of  unspeakable acts that we know libits can do but being a normal human being you never imagined that they would do.

Obama “I don’t want them [my daughters] punished with a baby” (video below)

I am not sure that if I ponder the actual event and I explore  the depths to which we as a society sink when we allow this to happen I can climb back unscathed, but I can however address the article without risking my sanity so that will be my small contribution.

The author’s main concern is not with the hideous nature of what she is writing about but rather her deepest fear is how will normal human beings react to this. ( She calls us right wingers but I have to believe that people across the entire political spectrum are at a loss for words about this  event ) She actually makes an effort to throw a,  shall we say “humane ” face on this_____.( I honestly don’t know what the heck to call it) .

To wit she writes ” it wasn’t exactly a celebration of an unplanned pregnancy, it was a fundraiser to help 22-year-old “Maggie,” a college senior, pay for the abortion.” Well that makes all that just f–g peachy don’t it Tracy? Ffor a donation at the door, friends were invited inside to “partake of baked goods, beer and dancing.”

Now that you put it that way the baby will be much less dead won’t he?

Worry not because in the next paragraph Tracy explains that only part of her is a monstrous ghoul, “part of me is inclined to examine my supreme discomfort with the idea of a lighthearted abortion hoedown in light of my strong pro-choice beliefs. A much larger part of me, however, suspects I’d be falling victim to what seems a calculated  and manipulative caricature of this particular party”

Sure Tracy since you feel uncomfortable and are so concerned about the “manipulative caricature  nature” of the event then its all OK.

Hey ding bat they are raising money to kill a baby and the bulk of your article is about how will the right perceive you demented freaks?  I’ll tell you,  we’ll perceive you just as that demented monsters  and no, not a caricature of a monster but a living breathing one of the worst kind. The kind that has convinced the world that it doesn’t exist.

Not content to just show us her own true nature, Tracy enlisted the help of other libit luminaries that infect the Internet such as a particular smelly form of bacteria known as Mary Elizabeth Williams  who writes, “I can’t speak for the author’s intention.”  What? I can speak for that asshole’s intentions, he intends to raise money to kill a baby how dense can you be? She then further showcases that typical compassion that brings libits out in the streets to protest not feeding terrorists “ethnically correct food” and writes “Is that the sound of Bill O’Reilly rubbing his palms in glee I hear?” OK you amoeba they are planning to kill a baby and your concern is about Bill O’Rilley’s reaction? So much for your self worth ha? Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on this particular liberal kumquat because after all according to her this is not about killing a baby but rather “a fund raising party for a medical procedure”.

Next in the Tracy libit freak parade is one Kate Harding. Oh yeah folks this one is truly a virus, here is what this “lacunaic ” brain writes ” So I’d want to be careful about saying everyone should handle the decision (one that was to this woman, a very clear and simple one) with funereal solemnity — there’s a degree to which that further stigmatizes the procedure.” Oh no lets not have any “funeral solemnity” when thinking about killing a baby after all why do you think they’re serving beer?

The list of paramecium who contribute to Tracy’s babble continues but I have no patience to waddle trough the crap that they spew. Take my word for it, not a one, condemns the  killing of  babies  just because they clash with the mother’s mascara,  they just think that  maybe beer should be replaced with a more suitable beverage say maybe  a Rosé.

I’ll edit and  finish this damn thing later I need to go for walk!


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2 Responses to Libits Throw First Abortion Party

  1. Joe November 29, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    This is such a sad story. I think it’s just horrible that others would help pay for an abortion so they can have some bake goods, beer and dance. We see what value this students put on a human life.

    • admin November 29, 2009 at 6:36 pm #

      This is what we got becasue we turned a blind eye at the takeover of our education system by Godless scum on the left.

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