Leftist Hillary Supporter Says Sleeping Whites Are Racists !

Once in a while a story comes out that gives us a glimpse into the dark tornado of depravity that echoes through the liberal cranial cavity.  This is just such a story.  So far whites are racist if we speak in an articulate manner, walk without a fake limp, work productively, and now sleep well!  It’s white privilege you know!

Least you think that this is one lunatic leftist spewing this crap please know that it is actually becoming “a thing” with another pseudo-scientist, University of Calgary psychology professor Lianne Tomfoh, making similar claims.

According to black psychologist Danielle L. Beatty Moody, sleep is a racist activity if done by whites. She claims that whites sleep better than blacks because blacks are tormented by racist mistreatment. She cites no scientifically verifiable data and does not speculate into the sleep patterns of half white and half black people like say Barrack Hussein Obama. This would actually be a viable topic as lousy sleep could be one explanation why Obama is turning into the worst national leader the West has ever had in peace time. Actually “peace time” might not be so accurate because Obama is setting the entire world on fire and bringing misery to more tens of millions of people than anyone since WWII.

This issue should be studied as it applies to Obama and, if we are to take Mrs. conunderground.comDanielle L. Beatty Moody’s word for it, every black person in position of power, from politicians to CEO’s to police officers should be psychoanalyzed to determine if poor sleep prevents them form performing their job properly. Also one has to wonder if Danielle L. Beatty Moody’s article is not also the result of lousy sleep.

If you must, you can read the article here.



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