Last Night We Spanked The Bama

ObamaCorzine3The liberals are falling all over themselves to distance The Bama from the trashing that he took last night. The litany of excuses runs the gamut form “it was a race on local issues”  it was a “referendum on the local economy”.

All of that, and more, is absolutely true and that is precisely why it was also a referendum against mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama!

All the policies that resulted in the unceremonious dismissal of the democrat party in New Jersey in Virginia  are exactly the same policies that are endorsed and championed by Obama.

Does Obama’s policies result in higher taxes? Check

Does Obama believe in an ever expanding role of Government? Check

Does Obama advocate amnesty for illegal aliens ? Check

Does Obama advocate allocating public funds for abortion? Check

Does Obama support the drastic curtail of the second amendment? Check

Have Obama’s policies resulted in high unemployment? Check

The Obama platform  was  Corzine’s platform and was Craig Deeds’ platform. In fact in New Jersey Obama was the one front and center on the campaign billboards and Corzine was portrayed as an afterthought. That’s what the democrats wanted and so be it!
Llast night we spanked Obama like we knew him becasue after nine months, we do!


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