“KILL WHITES” IN TAMPA FL. Harbinger of Things to Come.

How did you not think this was the next logical step? I’ve warned of this almost eight years ago and now, sadly,  I’ve been proven right. Here is my next prediction: It will get worse and the message of this graffiti will become reality. The reasons it will become reality are many but we can reduce them to two principal ones.

First, the left wants it so. The left, call them fascists, NAZIS, neo-Bolsheviks, Internationalists, Globalists, what ever you wish, have from their inception in Marx’s perverse, putrid demonic brain, relied on violence to destroy societies and gain power.  Granted, societal subversion is nothing new and had been happening for centuries with dire consequences- initially for the societies that were attacked but then punishment was devastating for the subversives – but Marxism is the modern incarnation of this evil.

And yes at it’s rood this is a satanic manifestation for as you know abolishing Christianity and the outright murder of Christians has been the goal and practice of the left from the beginning of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to the current Washington policies in the Middle East  and soon to be in America – especially if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

Another crucial characteristic of the Marxist inspired societal subversion is that the left uses minorities to accomplish their goals. In Russia, at the beginning, neo-Bolsheviks were almost exclusively left wing Jews and that modus operandi of using minorities as the “muscle” to destroy societies and enslave people has been used repeatedly in all corners of the world and on every continent.

We see that happening right now before our very eyes but you’ve grown blind to it and it has become the new norm.

This incident in Tampa is not the beginning, what’s coming began years ago. This incident in Tampa is just another step.



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