John McCain assumes a more overt role in the Obama campaign.

With friends like McCain...

We at the conunderground arre not the only ones observing that John McCain has long ago joined the re-elect Obama campaign. Michael Savage called it from day one and after McCain’s ditzy daughter came out and made typically McCain-esque statements about true conservatives, the entire nation realized what a turncoat scum bag McCain really is – apparently Arizona didn’t get the memo.

From amnesty for illegal aliens to bestowing the rights of Americans on terrorists John McCain jealously guards the left flank of the RINO heard

I wrote quite a few posts on him  documenting how he’s been the author of some of the most outrageous attacks on our freedom and how his attitude and statements are anathema to just about all the ideals that conservatives hold so dear.

From amnesty to illegal aliens  to bestowing the rights of Americans on terrorists John McCain jealously guards the left flank of the RINO heard.

Today McCain came out of the closet and told the world that  Mitt Romney cannot win the national election. McCain’s  babbling was that Romney was “damaged” by the debates or some other such crap.

Only a turncoat like Mclaime would have you believe that whatever was revealed during the primaries to damage Romney  would be something that the Democrats would not exploit thousands of times worse than anything Romney or Gingrich or Ron Paul ever did.

Because he thinks we are idiots McCain will try to  claim plausible deniability and portray  his statement as a call for “civility.” Reality is that the only thing McCain wanted to accomplish today was exactly what McCain accomplished today. He gave the left the soundbite they wanted “McCain says that Romney sis too damaged to beat Obama”

McCain has now taken his overt support for the Obama campaign a step forward, but it won’t be the last step.


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