Iran’s Voice Louder than Ever

NadaNeda “Voice”

Her name, translated to English, means “Voice”. Her destiny  needs no translation. The Lord chose Neda  to be the loudest cry for freedom coming out of Iran. The death of this innocent girl is rolling thunder that exposes  the threat of the Ayatollah for the impotent whimper that it is.  It thunders over Ahamadinijad’s squeals, and it drowns out the gunshots of the Lilliputians who are desperately trying to discourage the population’s drive for freedom. Fated to be a true  martyr, the girl did not seek  martyrdom. She just knew that life without freedom was  unbearable and she knew that she  would have to be part of the movement to free her nation, her people.

An insignificant worm fired an insignificant bullet and this act of hatred and cowardice has given birth to the symbol of the rebirth of a nation.

As  God willed it,  it was done. Neda’s  feeble human form is over, but now  she is much more. She isn’t even just Iranian. They can take pride in her, but she now belongs to the world and to history. The forces of evil tried to frighten the population, but they succeeded in doing what hasn’t been accomplished in centuries.  They succeeded in uniting the world against them.

When was the world so united – Christians and Muslim – as we are  now in remembrance of this Iranian human girl? As we stare at the images of her passing into the realm of heaven, we realize that the fight is not between Christian and Muslim or Buddhist or Druid,  but it’s much simpler. The fight is between freedom and darkness.

The fight is now as it has always been – between good and evil!

God wanted Neda to remind us of that. Her voice as it is carried over the binary wind of the Internet will live here forever. She is a statue of liberty for a new era. Neda now echos in the conscious of the entire humanity – a voice powerful and indestructible beyond the reach of those who would deny humanity the freedom which was granted to us by our creator.

Say a prayer for Neda, as I know that you will, but also pray that she will pray for us for Neda is God’s chosen way to tell us not to give up.

The video is below.  I know that you’ve all seen it, but I for one think that it should be embedded in every site on the web…and in every memory of every man, woman, and child alive.


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