Iran, this is for real, Obama isn’t!

azadi sqToday, once again, the White House and drivel-by-media, including FOX and Rush, and all the talking heads I’ve listed, so far are selling the people of Iran short. Most are treating this as nothing more than a passing disturbance and some, including the Drudge Report and MSNBC, are republishing a ridiculous article from the NYT titled Iran’s Leader Emerges With a Stronger Hand.”

That’s all hog wash! This is real and this is real change.  Iran will never be the same again. I said it yesterday and today I am more convinced than ever that I am right. When this many people are so moved to action so as to come out in the streets to confront one of the most  brutally hard-lined regimes in the entire world the result is change. Iran will be much different in the near future – maybe even in the very near future. If this many people are in the streets, how many are peeking  out of the windows from behind curtains? How many fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and colleagues are supporting the protesters and may be just a step away form swelling the ranks to the point of no return?

teheraMy guess is that if the mullahs make one single false step, they are done. If they seem too weak, they will be overthrown. If they think that they can repeat Tianenmen Square, they will be overthrown.

Unlike China, Iran, an Islamic country, does have a tradition that places value on human life.  Maybe not as much as we do here in the US, but certainly more than in China.   Just as you see Muslims turn on the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan and just as you see Muslims turn on Al Qaida in Iraq, you will see Iranians turn on the mullahs if they crack down too hard. Its  not hard  to believe that the one recorded shooting was the  mullah’s calculated opening move, the Ruiz Lopez Spanish Opening.  Not overly aggressive, but a solid opening to see how the crowd will react! The government opened fire and the crowd didn’t scatter! E4, E5. The government can lose the match here very quickly. They’ll make their moves tonight and hope to weaken the will of the protesters.

That the imbeciles at the news bureaus are adopting a dismissive attitude towards the struggle of these protesters is something that we are too used to seeing from the state media. After all, quite a few of them told us that “Iraqis can’t handle democracy”.  That the White House is doing the same and is  seemingly paralyzed in the face of  these events and prefers to assume the ostrich position is nothing short of criminally negligent! Obama and his staff should be dragged to the Hague for crimes against humanity. Failure to act in support of liberty and freedom, the basic condition of human existence, is a crime against humanity. I am disgusted  by this limp-wrist response  derived from teheran1Obama’s  weak and wavering morals.  What kind of myopic childish reasoning can be behind this? The White House thinks that if they keep quiet and stick their collective heads in the sand  Ahmadinejad will do what? Respond in kind and stop the nuclear program?

The foreign policy of the  United States of America should be simple and honest – we support the freedom of all people everywhere in the universe at all times. That’s it! All that we do should be focused on that and we should be aggressive in doing it. We want the world to respect us? That is how we gain that respect and times like these is when we gain that respect.

Contrived speeches read form teleprompters preceding champagne flowing parties in western capitals will get you nothing but ridicule. This is when a leader would step in, change the course of history and claim the title “leader of the free world”.  Alas, Obama is as over-matched as this moron Shepard Smith on Fox who just asked “how did the mullahs allow these protests”. I think that they are reading from the same teleprompter.

It is incomprehensible that the one country that is regarded as probably the biggest threat to a nuclear holocaust is in the middle of overthrowing its dictatorial government and we do nothing to help that along! Once upon a time, we defeated a dictator with nothing but a radio transmitter and a single old WWII vintage aircraft.  Today, Obama,  faced with living breathing history, is content to regurgitate meaningless flowery phrases read form the teleprompter.

Perhaps after this,  he’ll at least have a damn good reason to apologize.


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