Hussein Obama In Russia, Be Afraid!

Obama MedvedevOne of the few places left in the world where Hussein  Obama has yet to do damage to America’s security and apologize properly for our past meddling  is Russia.  To fix that and to maximize the damage Hussein Obama is now in Russia. The focus of the trip  is to  to announce a framework deal on arms cuts  intended to “reset” difficult relations between Moscow and Washington.
So now we are going to negotiate with the Russians on arms cuts, well fine but there is one tiny, itsy bitsy problem. Hussein Obama already negotiated with Obama and announced that we are going to  deep six our most powerful offensive weapons. Shrewd negotiator that he is the ding bat also managed to unilaterally negotiate away our best defensive weapons as well. With that kind of negotiating we don’t stand a damn chance.

Back in May, on the heels of a freshly launched North Korean Missile Obama took the hard line and in his centerpiece speech announced that we plan on doing away with our nukes . His reasoning statement was something to the effect that the  United States has a “moral responsibility ” to lead the way, as the only nation ever to use them. OK so why would the Russians do anything else other than quote Hussein  Obama’s own speeches back to him? Maybe they’ll echo one of Husein Obama’s spiritual leaders and also tell him that “America’s chickens have come home to roost”

Worldwide not much has changed since then other than North Krea firing off a dozen or so more missiles. In an effort to defend the country against such missiles exported by from North Korea to Iran and elsewhere  Obama has also unilaterally negotiated with Obama to get rid of the Missile Shield. He also issued the following strong statements, which the media declared more potent than any weapon  “Now is the time for a strong international response, and North Korea must know that the path to security and respect will never come through threats and illegal weapons,” He added that if they launch another missile he will reissue the same statement but this time he’ll raise his chin for his heroic “puppy begging for treats” pose.

Reality is that the Russians already know what card Obama is holding because he already told them. Obam declared that he’ll drop the missile shield if the Russians get rid of Rush Limbaugh, I mean if the Russians help with Iran.

Is this guy a joke or what? The Iranians themselves died on the streets trying to “help with Iran” and Hussein Obama was busy eating ice cream. Sure the Russians will promise to help with Iran much in the same way that Palestinians promise to stop suicide bombers. Heck the Russians will promise to help not only with Iran but  with the Martians and Venusians too. ( If however the Russians promise top help us with our own democrats that might be a promise worth considering).  We have to ask what exactly do the Russians have to gain from “helping us with Iran”? An escalating US-Iran conflict pushes up energy prices  and Russia benefits. That’s the reality.

The other reality is that the Russians have us over a barrel ( pun of course) in Afghanistan. There is an old time tested  cliche refering to fighting wars that says “professionals talk logistics, armatures talk strategy”. Already our so called “non military” supplies for the troops in Afghanistan travels a logistics train that snakes its way right smack trough Russian territory.  ( Here is a more detailed description of this particular Hussein Obama disaster in the making “) and we have just got word that thew Russians will allow us to fly troops and military supplies over Russian territory- just as we predicted in “The Looming Afghanistan Disaster”,  “Then begrudgingly he [Putin] will agree to allow a small amount of military supplies to get through. Then more and more until there is critical mass.”

The Russians will give Hussein Obama enough rope to hang us with  and then will spank him silly. We’ll pay the price and it will be a steep one. Either we jump as the Russian bear tells us how high  or our troops in Afghanistan will have to improvise slingshots either way our safety will be severely weakened and Americans will die. That will be yet another facet in Hussein Obama’s legacy!


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