Hostage Soldier and The MSM

I see videos of our brave soldier , the one captured by Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan, played in a seemingly endless loop trough the left controlled Drivel-by- MSM. No surprise there,  the imbeciles at MSM outlets think that by showing the video they humiliate the soldier and lower US Military moral, both of which are goals they have in common with the Muslim terrorists.

Little do they know that these videos have the exact opposite effect. Little do they know that American fighting men have their will and moral steeled by these acts of the Muslim Terrorists as well as by the airing of the video by the MSM.  Blackwater USA was flooded with calls and volunteers after the Muslim Terrorists murdered, sodomized , mutilated, burned and hung the bodies of former US Soldiers contracting with Blackwater.  In the same way the will of our military in Afghanistan to fight and win will increase a thousand  fold every time they see the videos of the soldier held hostage by muslim terrorists.

You know what I don’t see in all this coverage? I don’t see one single damn report condemning the treatment of our soldier.

How many of the leeches  at CBS, NBC, MSNBC , NEWSWEEK,  CNN etc.went into epileptic seizures at the report that sniper used a ripped up koran for target practice? Remember that? Where the hell is even one word of condemnation at the treatment of a uniformed US Soldier with full insignia and in full compliance with the Geneva Conventions?

The liberal scum bags in the MSM really make me sick


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