Hijacking the T-Party, Mark Levin

No T-Paty for you!

All military personnel take an oath to defend the country ” against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

I wonder if perhaps the T-party should pay some heed to that pledge and be on the look out, especially for the latter, the ones who claim that they are our allies or that they are in fact us.

Let’s begin with Mark Levin the neo-con mouth that wraps up the necon talk radio day on WABC. I warned about this guy many times on tweeter and also in the column titled “Are you a hyphenated Christian?” and now I have to do it again. Remember  last weekend, and how can we forget it was after all the day America became a nation of serfs. The vote to  do that as you all know, came on Sunday March 21.

The so called T-Party rally to “stop the passage of the health care bill” was held on  Saturday March 20th? Ask yourself a very straight forward and simple question ,  why the hell was the rally held the day before the vote and not the day of the vote?

Answer, it was done to drive the first nails in the coffin of the T-Party movement.  It was done to make the T- Party look impotent and weak and,  it was done to show the world how easily you can be manipulated into becoming a non factor.

Consider please that the key note speaker for the organizers of the rally to stop Obamacare was non other than Mark Levin., the very same man who only 6 days earlier said on his how , barked like a chiwawa is a more appropriate description, that “if  the T-Paty goes against us [the neo-con republicans] we will crush them too. ”

Of course Levin wanted the rally held on Saturday it would have no effect get a minimum amount of coverage, show the Dems that they have nothing to fear and show the neo-cons, like McCain and  Ghramnesty, how easily you can be manipulated.

How much more effective would the rally have been if, when Nancy Pelosi finished doing whatever unnatural acts she did with her  gavel and decided to take it for a walk, she would have been met by tens  of thousands of T-Party protesters? But you see stopping Obamacare was never the intention of Mark Levin and the organizers. All they wanted was to provide the appearance that they are doing something and to get you used to being led by the nose by your neo-con leaders.


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