Good Riddance McChrystal !

I won’t miss McChrystal and no it’s not because he mocked Bidden, after all who doesn’t mock Bidden? And no it’s not because he told the world that Obama’s ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eickenberry is as incompetent as Obama and is sabotaging our war effort just like Obama. And of course it’s not because he told the World that Obama, after taking three months to come to a decision regarding the troop surge showed up uninformed and distracted – the latter may not have been Obama’s fault entirely we are told that the TOTUS was unplugged . Anyone who shines that kind of light on the gaseous stench that is the Obama administration is OK in my book.
However there in lies the rub!  McChrystal so dearly embraced Obama, voted for him, supported him and initially at least sang his praise, that he became part and parcel of the same administration that he has apparently grown to detest. The thing is that while McChrystal can go home and shower or maybe go to a De-Con station and scrub off the Obama stench, our troops have no such option! Our troops are still in Afghanistan living and dying with the Rules of Engagement implemented by Obama and approved by McChrystal. How could a fighting general suffer to approve such criminally restrictive Rules Of Engagement ( ROE) you ask? I’ll tell you how, McChrystal IS A Liberal to his core and has always been one.
The rules of engagement that are now on the ground in Afghanistan are criminal and Obama and McChrystal should be brought up on murder charges. The number of Americans killed in Afghanistan because ambushed units did not receive artillery or close air support (CAS), or because US Troops are not allowed to fire at a terrorist unless first fired upon is increasing rapidly. The DOD letters sent to grieving family should read “We are regret to inform you that your son or husband has been killed because Obama and McChrystal prefer to protect terrorists rather than American troops”
The Obamunists brag that Afghan “civilian” casualties have dropped 40% since the new ROE took effect. That may be but during that same period US DEATHS HAVE REACHED RECORD LEVELS! Don’t be surprised after all the vast majority of US troops are white and Christian do you really think Obama would do otherwise?
McChrystal knew this would happen, saw it happening and was knee deep in the American blood every damn day. He kept quiet. He agreed with the murderous ROE in order to get promoted and then kept his trap shut so as not to get s*it canned. Well he got canned anyway! He sold his last shred of honor and dignity when he accepted the ROE and ended up with nothing – there is a God indeed!
There are reports that Patreus will change the ROE and if so, that alone is enough to make him a hero all over again. The troops deserve to have the racist, criminal ROE changed and they will love him for it and their moral will soar – as will ours.

If you want to read the heart wrenching stories of how our troops died needlessly because the Obama and McChrystal ROE click the links below : LCpl Joshua Bernard, 4 soldiers killed, because of Afghanistan ROE, Patrolling with unloaded weapons.


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