Globalist Lib, Apple CEO Tim Cook is Holding Fundraiser for Paul RINO Ryan

If you needed convincing that Paul RINO Ryan is in fact, well, a RINO consider that on Tuesday none other than uber liberal and uber socialist and lead promoter of the perversion that is homosexuality , Tim Cook himself will hold a fundraiser for Paul RINO Ryan.

The question becomes even more complex when you consider that Apple is boycotting the RNC convention.

You might be tempted to just chuck it off to Tim Cook bribing Paul Ryan to expand the H1-B visa program so that apple can fire the handful of Americans that might still be working at Apple and replace them with cheap imported labor but I ask you: Isn’t Paul Ryan already on board with that? ┬áSo what exactly does Tim Cook want to get from Paul Ryan for the blood money he’s giving him? I guess we’ll find out in the very near future if Ryan gets re-elected



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