Gitmo is dead, long live Gitmo

I haven’t seen a more disgusting display of hypocrisy and politicking since the days of Limp Willy. After getting his butt kicked between his ears by Newt and the Republican revolution, Clinton opened his state of the union speech with “[t]he era of big government is dead”.  Of course, Clinton implemented some of the worst, most criminal, big government infractions against the American people and our freedom to date, but that didn’t stop him from making that declaration with a smirk on his mug.
Obama, sans the smirk (after all, the guy has all the charm of a washed up street hustler), has just shown the world that branding him an “empty suit,” as so many do, is indeed an act of kindness.

Obama so angelically prophesied that cats will be playing Parcheesi with dogs and terrorists the world over with rise up and sing America the Beautiful if only we closed Gitmo and give terrorists a sightseeing tour on Manhattan’s Circle Line.

Gitmo was one of the key issues where Obama sought to distinguish himself from George W Bush. It was the one issue where Obama was able to so easily and gratuitously sell the American people –  the idiot half that voted for him anyway  –  on the idea that George W and Dick Cheney were evil incarnate. Gitmo, said Obama, and the official propaganda organs chimed in, was the reason that terrorists hate us! If we close Gitmo, Obama so angelically prophesied, cats will be playing Parcheesi with dogs and terrorists the world over with rise up and sing America the Beautiful. (Obama was under the impression that said terrorists were practicing just that in the Tora Bora caves when we so rudely interrupted them.)

Closing Gitmo was for Obama and the demodrones synonymous with “hope and change”.

Obama didn’t care where the prisoners went. He didn’t think that to be such a big deal. Why! All the world would come to their rescue just because Obama is black and la di da!  You do, of course, remember what an idiot Obama made of himself when he signed the “closing of Gitmo” and then, when queried by an errant reporter, the fool had no clue where to send the prisoners or when to send them or what time it was or how many states are in these United States…But I digress.. “Is there a separate executive order, Greg, with respect to how we are going to dispose of the detainees” Asked Obama giving us the first clue as to why he doesn’t want anyone looking at his school transcripts. Gee, dipstick, who is the executive?  (Video below)

Now that he declared himself a candidate for 2012 – of course he has to win in 2012 to cover up the theft he committed in the first two years – Obama knows that trying Khalid Sheik Whathisface in NYC will be a two year circus and it will go on right through the elections. Of course, Barry can’t have that, not with the Middle East on fire, cotton exceeding the record prices set in the War Between the States, other commodities following, a bankrupt treasury, $4 oil going over $5 by summer and Ahmadinijad about to take over the Middle East.

Gone are the long-winded speeches with the up-pointed chin to make the faithful faint in the audience. Gone is the rhetoric that if we don’t give terrorists the same rights we afford Americans “we will be just like them” (As far as I am concerned, Obama ain’t got far to go and he just proved it with this latest flip).  Barry is naked, a naked cheap hustler pushed on the American people by the demonic, perverse interests of Hollywood, the Soros bankers, and some say with the tacit approval of the neocons.

This creature has only one goal in mind, establishing a dictatorship in the United States of America. What proof do I have? I offer as prof the fact that he has just reneged on what he himself has led us to believe was one of his deepest held beliefs. What do you call a creature like that?

So as far as  Obama is concerned, the hell with Gitmo and the hell with the civilian trials – “I’m a gone git what’s mine”. Gitmo is dead. Long live Gitmo!


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