Gibbs, In Mass. Obama Campaigned Against Obama

gibbsIf you want to see a real life example of how far a human being whose life is governed by a moral compass that was long ago run over by a steam roller just take a look at Robert Gibbs.

In trying to defend the latest in the endless torrent of lies that come out of the Obama pie hole Gibbs managed to actually imply that Obama went to Massachusetts to campaign against himself.

A day or so after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts Obama went on to state that Scott Brown was somehow elected by the same anger and frustration that got  Obama elected.  Most of us who only follow elections in passing could swear that  Obama campaigned on “Hope and Change” rather than “anger and frustration” but maybe  the experts know better.

When Chris Wallace asked him to defend his boss’ statement Gibbs  replied ” … if you look at an exit poll more people voted [in the Mass. senatorial election] to express their support for  Barrack Obama then to oppose him.. ”

When Wallace asked him ” you don’t think that when they voted for Scott brown they voted against Obama’s policies?” Gibbs responded ” No”

OK so let’s get this straight and ask the questions, rhetorical as they may be, that Chris Wallace is too dumb or too chicken to ask- because after all that’s why you come to   So  according to Gibbs and the White House the Scott Brown supporters were actually voting for Obama’s policies?

OKeeeeee  dokeee Coackley!

Well, so if the Brown supporters were voting in support of the Obama policies then what the heck were Coakley’s supporters voting for? More importantly why the hell was Obama campaigning for her?Why was Obama campaigning against his own supporters? According to Gibbs if Coakley had won that would have meant a repudiation of the Obma policies ? ROFLMAO!

They got it all figured out don’t they?  I wonder if they got their cue from the global warming crowd. You know, if it’s hot it’s global warming, if it’s cold it’s global warming. If Coakley wins it’a  a win for Obama if Brown wins it’s a win for Obama ..aaahhhaaa .

This folks is what happens when people lie  to the point where you can’t even trust them when they say “hello” . They get caught in such convoluted self deception that they end up contradicting themselves and becoming the laughing stock of the world , exactly as Obama’s administration has become.


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