French Police Nag Taliban to Death!

The EU alleges that the French police used excessive force  to bring to an end the standoff with the Taliban terrorist.

Our sources tell us that unbeknownst to the Media the French police used extreme measures , far beyond those allowed by the European Union, to end the siege. There are rumors that the French government might bring charges against the Police officers involved and perhaps even send them to the human rights tribunal at the Hague.

We have very good intelligence that the most dastardly act perpetrated by the French Police against the Taliban terrorist who killed six innocent French citizens is the intentional administration of day old croissants. In spite of denials that it was purely accidental European Human Rights Investigators are alleging that the stale croissant were given to the terrorist intentionally in a clear affront to his dignity and in egregious violation to his human rights.
We have to mention that there is no evidence that the French Police also provided stale wine.g

As a last resort, the French police brought in none other than Prime minister Sarkozy and asked him to explain at length to the terrorist the French government’s policy of love and tolerance towards Muslims and the Taliban in particular.
We are told that after only two hours of listening to this the terrorist shot his brains out.


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