FOX’s Neocon Love-in, Steele Is Shameless!

NLets have a  tea party in NYCew York , December 6 2009, FOX news just ran back to back segments featuring their anointed GOP candidate for 2012, Mitt Romney and the GOP’s  “look we have a minority too” chairman Michael Steele.

Now, if FOX thinks they can push Necons down out throats, well, that’s their prerogative but what really gets me upset is when the neocon shills try to claim credit for or try to identify with the true conservatism of the Tea Party Movement!

Below I’ve re-posted pics from the first New York City Tea Party.


This morning Steele said  that “the tea parties were a revelatory moment..” Well, well well, isn’t that special? I agree with Steel’s implied confession that he did have his head up his posterior, however I take issue with his implied claim that his head was forcefully removed from his posterior and upon hearing the champagne -cork- like loud pop he suddenly saw the “error of his mistakes” and is now ready to go forth as a conservative.

Steel’s actions speak louder than his words.

OBAMA mistakeThe reason that I don’t believe  an iota of Steel’s statement is becasue his recent actions have been very consistent with his past actions.  Another words he is a liberal type of neocon whose only aim is to gain power. How else to explain that he backed a Necon in the Republican primaries in New Jersey versus backing  a true conservative?

How else to explain that he backed a far left liberal lunatic Sozzafava or Hossenffefer  or what ever the hell her name is in New York’s battle for the 23 Congressional District!

Please understand the Michael Steele actually gave funds, hundreds of thousands of dollars to Scozzafava, a person whose abortion platform was just to the left of Barrack Hussein Obama!

These are Steel’s actions – that we know of, God only knows what kind of machinations he’s undertaking  behind the closed curtains of the RNC- and then he goes on FOX and displays the utter hypocrisy required to state that “the tea parties were a revelatory moment..”

You’re damn right the tea parties were revelatory!  It revealed to the world that unlike the RNC  the vast majority of Americans  are not neocons!


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