Drudge was in the bag for Romeny all along

Drudge Was in the Bag For Romney All Along

So why am I bringing this up…I want you to know that while the GOP is sending us out to the front lines to be cannon fodder for the leftist MSM, they are attacking us from the rear and betraying us every step of the way.

Did the establishment get to Matt Drudge? Did he heed the loud and clear warning that Andrew Breitbart’s death was meant to signal to all who dare stand up to the establishment? Who knows, but one thing is certain. Drudge has his nose so deep up Romney’s butt that you can barely see the tip of his shoes. Heck, if Romney comes to a sudden stop, Drudge is gone!

Here are some pics to illustrate my point.

Drudge was in the bag for Romeny all alongIn this first one, Matt Drudge desperately tried to make Romney palatable to Southern voters by featuring him in a “hero” shot right at the top of the web site. Romney looks happy and vigorous. Why you’d think he already won and that’s exactly what Drudge wanted you to think. The title of the article is “Fight For South,” but the impression you get from the picture and the way Drudge presented it is that Romney already won and is fighting all by himself. Of course, Romney got his ass kicked to his shoulder blades in Louisiana and never won any real Southern states. Though he did win Puerto Rico by telling them that they don’t have to speak English in order to be a state. That would be the first time in history that this would have happened, but don’t be surprised. Heck Utah already has an “illegal alien amnesty program”.

Drudge was in the bag for romeny all alongAfter Santorum won Louisiana by a margin so big you’d think Obama and Carville had campaigned for Romney, Drudge was forced to put a picture of Santorum at the top of the page. Not so fast there you neocon basher you, Drudge had to put a picture on the front page, but not a big one, in fact he made it almost microscopic and look at the “flattering” picture he chose. Santorum is, of course, praying, but it looks from the picture that he is ready to give a concession speech. Again, this is after Santorum won Louisiana by over 22% . Contrast that to the picture of Mitt Romney above. This is the kind of shameful propaganda that Breitbart would have never tolerated, maybe that’s why he left Drudge. In this Drudge treated santorum

Not long after Snatorum won Louisiana, Matt Drudge jumped on the Neo-Rino band wagon again and plastered the most earth shattering news at the top of his page. Rubio endorses Romeny screamed the Drudge report headline. Oh yeah well, that took us all by surprise! The headline of course would be nothing without the customary “hero shot” that Drudge saves for Neocons. The pic of Rubio in full action hero pose is eerily similar to that of Romney shown above – did they rehearse this?

So why am I bringing this up? Well for one, Rick Santorum brought it up himself and said he doesn’t read Drudge anymore. Can’t say I blame him. Second, I want the Neo-Rinos to know that we know! Third, and most important I want you to know that while the GOP is sending us out to the front lines to be cannon fodder for the leftist MSM they are attacking us form the rear and betraying us every step of the way. We have to fight on two fronts. Fear not. We may lose the battle to the rear ambush that is Mitt Romeny, but we will win the war. We have to be aware that the neocons are just as much our enemy as the Obamunists and they are just as vicious and they are just as quick to discard the Constitution as the left is and they are just as quick to destroy you as the left is.

They may have won the battle, but in doing so they exposed their position and now we know…we know Matt, WE KNOW!


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