Did Obama and Soros Crash JP Morgan?

Did Obama and Soros Crash JP Morgan?

You probably heard about the JP Morgan trading loss of about $2 billion dollars. We don’t yet know how it happened, we’ll have to wait a while to get the details,  but just be aware that there is much more here than meets the eye.

Here’s what got my attention:,Jamie Diamon is the CEO of JP Morgan and in the first two years or so of the Obama administration Jamie Diamon was the toast of Washington, the Oama administration and the lib media.  Diamon was soon disillusioned with the Obama administration and quickly became their worst nightmare.   Jamie Diamon became a very outspoken critic of the Obama administration, detailing the many ways in which Obama is destroying American business.With that quick synopsis in mind  focus on this:

On Wednesday May 9th, Jamie Diamon taped and interview with David Gregory to be aired Sunday May 13 on NBC’s  Meet the Press.

Apparently, during the interview Jamie Diamon was very critical of the Obama administration and the disastrous economy Obama created.

One day later, on Thursday May 10th, we “found out” that JP Morgan may have had a $2 billion dollar trading loss.

Coi8ncidence? Sure it could be! Then again there seem to  be quite a lot of coincidences in this administration.

As I’ve said before, we are not entirely sure what the exact trade was but many experts believe that it was a hedge position probably in European high quality corporate bonds. If so then  it would be relatively easy for others, say maybe hedge funds like the behemoths that are controlled by Soros and his friends to find out the JP Morgan held the bonds and try to crush them at just the right time. It would even be be a lot easier if someone like Soros had access to top secret information like the type collected by say the NSA .

Did Obama and Soros Crash JP Morgan?

Of course I am only speculating here but the coincidence seems to be very striking.

No less striking is the vitriol spewed forth by the jackals at CNBC especially their head yenta Jim Cramer.  Not long ago in the face of  top Obama donor and bundler, John Corzine’s  disgraced exit from the bankrupt MF Global, Cramer told us in reverential hushed tones to “remember Corzine as he was”  Sure the guy oversaw a company that allegedly misappropriated customer funds and no one seems to know where exactly the $2 Billion went, that didn’t matte to Cramer at all, after all the two are good buddies and Corzine is a staunch supporter of the would be dictator Hussein Obama.
Cramer did the exact opposite for Jamie Diamon, spewing out the kind of vitriol that, well the kind of vitriol . that leftist pigs like Cramer do so well. Never mind that this trading loss is a small amount in JP Morgan’s  trading portfolio, never mind that there are not even any allegations that Jamie Diamon did anything wrong. No, what matters to Cramer and the left is that Diamon told the truth about Obama, and we just can’t have that.

So the question remains:

Did Obama and Soros Crash JP Morgan?


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