Democrat Harry Reid Kills Vote on Obama’s Jobs Bill

The Democrats must think that you are dumber than a sack of hammers!

How else to explain the rotting lice infested wool they are trying to pull over your eyes?

Obama is out there crisscrossing the country yelping left and right that Congress should “Pass the job bill”  ( There are unsubstantiated rumors that he’s repeated  it so often that he may even be able to say it without a teleprompter; we however remain skeptical) Like a drowning man desperately grabbing at straws, this has become Obama’s one  and only rallying cry.

Of course it’s all BS because  the Obama Jobs Bill is just another gift to the thugs that run the unions. He stole $900 billion for the first “shovel ready”  stimulus bill and promptly distributed it to his friends and supporters. Now he wants us to give him another $400 billion for him to piss away.

So that’s that in a nutshell, let’s go back to the “pass the bill” parroting that Obama seems so fond of doing.

Last night Republican Minority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell Jr (R.KY) did just that! He tried to get the bill passed or at least put to a vote! 

Guess what ?

Senate majority Leader, Se. Harry Reid (D.NV)  invoked the unprecedented NUCLEAR OPTION to KILL the vote on Obama Jobs Bill


Mitch McConnell tried to attach the bill to the China Free Trade bill so that as Obama says “we can get teachers back to work” and the Democrats led by Harry Reid and Dick Durban wanted nothing to do with this.

The Democrats were scared to death that they would embarrass the hell out of Obama because they would not have enough votes to pass it- I am not talking about Republican votes, the democrats control the Senate and therefore if they had enough votes they could pass the bill all by themselves ; BUT THEY DON”T!

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin , the senior senator from Obama’s own state, even admitted as much to CBS ( hardly a conservative bastion) ” Asked whether Senate Democrats have the 60 votes necessary to break a filibuster, Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin said, “Not at the moment, I don’t think we do but, uh, we can work on it.”

The Senate Democrat leadership and Obama  simply could not convince Democrat senators to vote for Obama’s job bill

Quick someone send a text to Obama’s teleprompter and tell him that as confusing as this might be for Obama they have to change the wording from “pass this bill”  to “Democrats please pass this bill”

So like I said the Democrats must think that we are really stupid!
On the one had they have Obama crying like a baby all over the country “whhaaaa pass my bill whaaaaa”

On the other hand the Senate Democrats are blocking even the vote for this bill.

I think that come 2012 the Democrats are shovel ready.




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