marvel kills off whitey and replaces him with a black peter parker

Cultural War against Whites continues, Black Peter Parker

marvel kills off whitey and replaces him with a black peter parkerThe mass entertainment media has one directive : Destroy the image of the American White, Heterosexual, Christian male.

hTo that end we witness the latest attack in the endless number of such attacks, is Spyderman. The original hero, Peter Parker is killed off by the liberals and Zionists who run Marvel and replaced with a half black half Hispanic creation named Miles Morales.

The multiracial spyderman is the manifestation of the self loathing by liberal leftists

If you think this is anything other than a not so thinly veiled attack against whites you are kidding yourself. Sure marvel could just create a new superhero and make him or her black or Hispanic or Chinese or Arab or whatever – as they did in the past- but that isn’t their goal. Their goal is to destroy yet another symbol of the American White Heterosexual Male and replace him wtih a mixed race version .

You see they tried this with before with the Green Lantern and sales dropped like a rock and are still scraping the bottom. They had invented other black characters and to no avail, they didn’t go main stream. But that doesn’t stop them, with the black Spyderman Marvel will shove multiculturalism down your throat you damn white red neck!  ( no that’s not a derogatory term for whites, there is no such thing as a derogatory term for whites,  see here )

The scum at marvel are licking their chops at the thought of how many white villains their new Ghetto Defender will put away and humiliate and how thew white masses will worship the black -Hispanic savior.. you know kinda like their version of what happens to Obama!

This from the same Marvel who just recently made Superman renounce his American citizenship and made Captain America not be Captain America in certain countries; in South Korea, the Ukraine and Russia it is known as The First Avenger- hey why not after all he is white and heterosexual and American.

While the rest of the world is finally tossing aside the veil of make-believe and embracing the reality that multiculturalism is yet another tragic leftist experiment, the leftist and Zionists who run Marvel are desperately trying to keep you wrapped up in their bright shiny lie.

Keep this in mind the next time a marvel makes a movie, let the South Koreans go see it!


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One Response to Cultural War against Whites continues, Black Peter Parker

  1. Martin Van Buren May 8, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    No, seriously. This is racialism at its worst.

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