Congratulations, We now owe more than we MAKE!Banana Republic USA

US debt higher than GDPWith the Boehner and Obama spending spree barely getting started the government now is borrowing more then the country’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP!

The new spending pushed  total public debt to $14.58 trillion, over the 2010 GDP of $14.53 trillion, and putting  us in on the same level with the European PIGS the highly indebted countries  Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece , Spain and you can add Belgium but it doesn’t fit the acronym.

Obama manna has managed to turn us into a third world country just like the one in which he was born – and Boehner went along smilingly

What is incredibly odd is that after this, Moody’s said that they are maintaining   America’s “AAA”  rating. Of course that’s not corruption!


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