Col. David Hunt And What’s Destroying America

hunt-david-colCol.David Hunt, Fox’s own  military expert,  was on  FOX and Friends  this morning trying to justify why the US Army could do nothing to defend our soldiers against an officer who thought, in a classroom, that Muslims should rise up against the occupying American forces and that Muslim soldiers should disobey orders.

Whenever I see Hunt on television I am reminded of those officers,  military and of civilian companies, whose entire rise on the chain of command is largely due to their groveling and ability to  agree and disagree with their superiors in the same sentence. This  wretched tactic buys the groveler enough time to determine where his superior’s favor lies and only then commit to a similar position.

I have the video and will post it soon

Anyone who has spent any amount of time listening to Col. David Hunt knows that the guy speaks out of all sides of his mouth and at his best he is  semi coherent. Today he was all that and a lot less.

Asked to explain why the terrorist was not caught earlier by the Army, Hun’t answer serves to illustrate exactly why this type of terrorist attack  happened. ” ..again we must start with a free society, ahhhhh.. people have been protesting this war ..for a long time and service members can have an opinion..but with insider violence when there’s FBI, Army , Navy and Marines is very possible because of the trusted nature of the people in uniform, this is Ft.Hood Texas, this is at a readiness center , this guy was under orders to go overseas, been in service seven year..” Thus blabbered Hunt, and as I said  he  is not the most articulate or coherent person on television – in this case you can add , “not the brightest” .

Hey Hunt, Hassan Kaboom didn’t “have an opinion” he was teaching in a classroom setting that Muslims, including soldiers,  should oppose American military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever  else we fight the righteous was on terrorism.

I am as far from an UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) expert as one can possibly get but here are just two of the articles that could have been used against Hassan Kaboom to force him to stop his Jihadist sedition , place him in custody  and thus  save the lives of at least 13 Americans.

Any person subject to this chapter who conspires with any other person to commit an offense under this chapter shall, if one or more of the conspirators does an act to effect the object of the conspiracy, be punished as a court-martial may direct.
(a) Any person subject to this chapter who solicits or advises another or others to desert in violation of section 885 of this title (article 85) or mutiny in violation of section 894 of this title (article 94) shall, if the offense solicited or advised is attempted or committed, be punished with the punishment provided for the commission of the offense, but, if the offense solicited or advised is not committed or attempted, he shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.
(b) Any person subject to this chapter who solicits or advises another or others to commit an act or misbehavior before the enemy in violation of section 899 of this title (article 99) or sedition in violation of section 894 of this title (article 94) shall, if the offense solicited or advised is committed, be punished with the punishment provided for the commission of the offense, but, if the offense solicited or advised is not committed, he shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

That Hunt, a light colonel, may  not be aware of this is troubling, but what is truly alarming is that on Ft. Hood, arguably the biggest Army post in the world, no one else bothered to figure this out

And its not like no one knew. An endless stream of soldiers, as well a doctor colleague  Col.(ret) Terry  Lee  brought Hassan Kaboom’s behavior to the attention of superiors.The only reason that this guy wasn’t detained and the lives of our soldiers saved is because the Army brass is caught up in the liberal, Obamamunist political correctness. Hunt is a real life example of how far we’ve sunk!

As I’ve said before, forget the apologists and  the rationalizing,  the only reason that the terrorist act of Ft. Hood happened is because we let it happen.  Just read David Hunt’s statement. Even this once proud warrior has been reduced to a heap of sniveling political correctness by the siren song of diversity and relativism. You can argue that there already has to be something in the man’s character that is already predisposed to this type weakness and you are probably right. I am so disgusted with Hunt’s lying! That’s what he’s doing, looking at the camera and at you and lying to your face because he thinks that you are too stupid to know that he is lying!

Whatever cancerous weakness resides deep in David Hunt’s soul was no doubt exploited and fed at the teet of the graduate program of the lunatic’s left  Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. ( He also has a masters degree in English from the Norwich University- may I suggest , that based on the consistency of Col. David Hunt’s rhetoric,  should one  wish to study said subject one should probably consider a different school )

Today David Hunt betrayed himself and his servitude to the false gods of diversity for its own sake and relativism at any cost. After contorting into a disgustingly unrecognizable pretzel of impotence Col. David Hunt also showed himself to be an utter racist and that ain’t all of it by a long shot

On a day when America is still mourning our dead heros David Hunt saw fit to end his his “interview”  by continuing to bash of our military and by continuing  his gay rights anti Christian and anti white propaganda. Stating that he has no opposition to gays in the military Hunt went on to to say that the only people that have an issue with gays and women in the military “are  white men.”

Once again I have no words to describe how despicable and shameful Col. Hunt’s words are to those in uniform !

Hunt’s deplorable racism aside I have one or two questions for him. Hey  Hunt did you happen to notice who makes up over 89% of the military? Hey Hunt did you notice who makes up over 98% of the combat MOSes? Yes Hunt they are white and unlike you they are Christian and unlike you they do believe that homosexuality is an aberration and unlike you they realize that the only thing  that will save out nation is a resurgence of our Christianity.

Maybe you can contact David Hunt and let him know what you think,


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