China to overtake US – Obama Ecstatic!

By now you’ve all heard that the IMF has predicted that in 2016 just about 4 years from now China will overtake the US as the world’s biggest economic superpower.

How the IMF came to that conclusion is the following, they compared the collective future buying power of the Chinese consumers to that of American consumers in their respective domestic markets. In other words they compared what Chinese consumers would earn and buy inside China to watch American consumers would earn and buy inside the US. They found out that the Chinese economy would grow from $11.2 trillion in 2011 to about $19 trillion in 2016.

During that same period the US economy will rise from the current $15.2 trillion to the second place of $18.8 trillion.

Of course the irony of this escapes no one. That the drop in US consumer spending on American goods coincides with our insatiable appetite for cheap Chinese goods. That however may soon change, no, not our appetite for Chinese goods but the moniker “cheap”.  As the Chinese economy improves so does the quality of the goods produced. So yes the prices of Chinese goods might continue to be lower than that of American made goods but the quality will come close to parity. When that happens the IMF scenario will seem very optimistic for the United States.

A large part of why China is able to do this, other then the apparent  demographic advantage is their labor costs. In China unions are not gifted the country’s biggest industries and companies like Obama has done with General Motors. In China they believe wholeheartedly in capitalism, unlike Obama does, and the list goes on. This will not be an analysis of why the IMF prophesy will or will not  happen. You know why it will happen, you went out to tea party rallies because you know why it is happening, you went out and voted in November of 2010 against Obama and his Communists because you know why this would happen. You know this already, I just want to ask you a simple question:

Have You Ever Heard Obama Lament the fact that China will Surpass America?

Of course not neither Obama or his acolytes has ever expressed their wishes that America be the number one economic power on the planet – are you kidding me! In fact it is Obama’s not so secret fantasy that he rendered the United States to third world status, for now he’ll just settle for knocking us down from first place. (This  is the creature who claims to be the president of our country? How long can we endure this until we impeach the impostor ?)

Both Obama and his handlers are ecstatic at the job they’re doing destroying America how many times have you heard Obama mention with tears of adulation in his eyes how great China is at this or that how many times have you heard George Soros Obama’s chief puppet master tell the world how white Christian America is the stumbling block to the New World Order. How  many times have you heard Obama’s endless stream of czars tell us how well China is doing in various endeavors.

Obama and his leftist banker handlers, his yenta czars, and his neocon enablers all know, as they often confessed, that America – and by that they mean white Christian heterosexuals clinging to their guns and their religion – is the only thing that stands between them and the coming dark ages of slavery and misery.

Every policy, be it economic policy or military policy – such as the murderous rules of engagement with which Obama is killing our troops in Afghanistan-  every measure, every new rule and regulation that Obama and his Communists are passing has only one purpose, the destruction and subsequent subjugation of America.

No my friends Obama does not lament the possible dethroning of America, it is what Obama dreams of doing.

It is what he and Michelle the moocher toast to  as they sip  Blinis with George Soros, Oprah, Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel,Bill Ayers and the rest of the crooks and “reformed” terrorists at your  White House.


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