Carton Of Kent for a Root Canal, Johny Walker for an Appendectomy

KentLet there be no doubt in your mind that the “public option” will be the only option unless you’ll be one of the chosen ones working for a union like the SEIU or the Federal or Municipal Governments.

The rest of us will be sucked in the gargantuan Obama bureaucracy  like plankton being sucked into a whale- note that there is no guarantee that after three days we’ll emerge alive like Jonas, on the contrary.  If you have ever had to swim upstream against a sea of bureaucratic red tape spewed copiously and joyously by the often imbecilic minions of said bureaucracy you might think that you  have an idea of  what’s in store for you or your children.

My friends allow me to assure you that most of you have no clue!

The gargantuan monster that Obama wants to unleash upon our country will destroy and devour everything that once made America great! Not just health care, but the acidic stench of corruption and compromise that this will bring with it will permeate and corrode the fabric of all that makes a free society free.

Had you done all that, you’d be home that day with your tooth fixed contemplating how happy you are to not be one of the schleps that were walking around toothless or holding a bag of ice to their jaws.

You see, the monopoly that the “public option” must logically become will, like all monopolies lead to criminal black market activity and corruption- just as we all learned in our Macroeconomics classes.  I , and my fellow immigrants from other socialist paradises, have seen it and experienced it on our own skin. In the little corner of socialist hell from whence my parents immigrated with me in tow, the “public option” operated at full throttle.  For the average citizen that meant two things, either get sick and sicker and then really sick , or bribe someone to get your medical care done.

Lets say it was the mid to late  seventies, you lived in one of these socialist countries and had a tooth ache.  If you weren’t a communist party big shot or had any relatives working for the secret police your choice would be to put your name on a list to  make an appointment to see a dentist. The paperwork would be forwarded and you would be given a date at which to present yourself at the dentist’s office . The date would be one or two weeks away- if you were lucky! So the time passed and you showed up at the dentist and thought that you’d get your tooth fixed. Well, you might be able to get your tooth pulled but treated, well,  that’s a different story. The shortage of filling materiel  or the shortage of anesthesia shots would put you again right back on the list and send you home to wait until these things became available. Hold your breath

You have just followed the “public option” bureaucratic procedure to get your cavity fixed and it has either left you toothless or you’re at home with your face wrapped in a ice waiting for the call that would never come.

You went about it the wrong way from day one. The proper way to navigate the nightmare would be as follows. Present yourself at the dentist office  tell the receptionist your name and slip her a pack or two of Kent cigarettes ( American cigarettes were the preferred currency and for whatever reason Kent cigarettes were the preferred brand) . One pack would get you an appointment in a few days, two packs ,the next day, three or more and you’d be seen by the dentist that same day and  if you showed up with a carton you were probably next in line or close to it. But you had better brought along a bag because you’d have to hand a pack of Kent to the dental assistant and at least a carton to Comrade Mr/Mrs  Dentist. Had you done all that, you’d be home that day with your tooth fixed contemplating how happy you are to not be one of the schleps that were walking around toothless or holding a bag of ice to their jaws.

You might wonder why cigarettes and other consumer items were the prefered currency. Well there are two reasons, first the local currency was devalued to the point that it was worthless just the way our Dollar is going. Second because if you were caught with foreign currency or gold  you’d be facing hard jail time. Look for Obama to implement a similar policy here very soon.

Simple right? Sure except that  Kent cigarettes were either smuggled into the country or bought from “foreign currency only shops” accessible only to foreigners. So yeah they were very very expensive,  certainly more expensive than an average, toothless, worker could afford.  God forbid you’d need a more involved procedure.  An appointment with a surgeon would set you back at least a bottle of Johny Walker Scotch Whiskey and you had better keep that coming all the way to the operating table. A really serious medical  matter would require a Philips or Telefunken or RCA boom box. If you think that Kent cigarettes were hard to come by, imagine how hard it would be to get your hands on a boom box.

Regardless of the intentions of the eastern European and Russian and whatever other communists  had when trying to establish the “national health care” systems reality was that there were still two types of health care. One for those who could pay  – cigarettes and whiskey and boom boxes etc- and got their health care and those who couldn’t and did not.

But you know what? They too paid, everyone paid, but only those who could pay again or were connected got their health care. That’s it ! That’s how it was in the socialist paradises in the former communists countries and that’s how it is now in the Socialist western European countries. Those with money get health care either at home or abroad and those who don’t wait for months on end to get their cancer diagnosed

That is how things are everywhere this was tried so ask yourself why is Obama and Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the Obamunists  pushing bto implement this here?


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