Bowing To Our Chinese Masters

Another National Shame

The opening pages of Robert Saviano’s Gomorrah describe in haunting prose the takeover of the Port and City of Naples by a gigantic ever spreading virus of enormous proportions that engulfs everything in its path: humans, real estate, laws, morals and national identity.

New York may be the next victim of this virus.

MAyor Bloomberg

MAyor Bloomberg

Wednesday, the Chinese just let the world know who exactly is the Head Master of the United States of America! Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., a gigantic arm of the Chicom Army, agreed to lease floors 65 through 69 of what will someday be the newest skyscraper to grace the New York City Skyline. The new digs will house a project known as The China Center, whose purpose is to help Chinese companies find start-up offices around the world.

“Signing up the China Center on competitive terms and in a struggling economy is a firm stamp of approval for the World Trade Center site as a world-class business destination,” said the Port Authority’s chairman, Anthony Cosica.

Name change on the sly

What Mr. Coscica hopes will go unnoticed is that he made a slight concession. He agreed to change the name of the building from “Freedom Tower” to a neutered and presumably Chinese demanded, “#1WTC (World Trade Center).”
Yes you heard right. Mr. Anthony Coscica (and presumably the city of New York headed by mayor Bloomberg) agreed to change the name of the building at the behest of the Chinese Communist government. How offensive this is to Americans (real Americans – not freaks like Cosica) is difficult to articulate.

The Freedom Tower Monument

The Freedom Tower is unique. It is not a building. It is a Monument! It belongs not to the Port Authority or to Silverstein. It belongs to the American people as much as any monument in the Washington DC Mall. The Port Authority of NY and NJ has but one duty in regards to it- that of custodian of the building that has now transcended being a simple edifice for transacting business.

The fact that unlike other monuments this one is meant to generate income doesn’t detract form its status as a symbol of the spirit of the American people. On the contrary, it is truly an expression and living example of the blend of business, tenacity, innovation and nobility that defines America.

Nothing gives Mr. Coscica and Mr. Bloomberg the right to desecrate an American Monument. By what right does Mr. Coscica and Mr. Bloomeberg grovel in front of the Communist Chinese as representatives of the American people? On their own, let them grovel to their heart’s content, but not on our behalf!

Number One and Number Two World Trade Center and gone. Destroyed along with the building were the lives of 2,851 innocent people and became forever a grave of historical significance. What kind of demented individuals would want to rename a building after the sites of the murder of so many innocent people?

In China life is cheap

Sure, the Chinese have no compunctions about doing that. China is a country where three thousand deaths in a disaster is not something that goes remembered for long. Human life is cheap in a country that laced baby food with poison. Is that what we strive to become?
It might seem like it’s a long way from defiling a monument at the behest of the Chinese government to descending into the chaos and lawlessness that engulfed Naples but make no mistake if we let this stand we will get we will get there faster then you can imagine.

Chinese total war concept includes Psy.Ops. (psychological operations)

The Chinese know that the hard part is destroying a nation’s pride , once that’s done everything else will simply fall into place with nary a whimper. Heck there will be a point when we’ll beg them to turn us into Naples. We have long known that our politician’s pride in our country is long gone. Evidently Chairman Coscica and Mr. Silverstein and Mayor Bloomberg have,collectively, the spine of an Earth Worm. Their argument that the name of the building was somehow an obstacle to find proper tenants is noting but more of the torrent of despicable lies to which we’ve grown so accustomed. Rest assured that if any company other than Communist China had objected to the name they would be sure to let us know it! Its rubbish. The Chinese yanked the chain and Bloomberg answered “How High?”

Make a difference now!

If, unlike our current crop of politicians -God I miss Giuliani- you have an ounce of pride left in you, call, e-mail or write immediately and demand that the name of the building be changed back to “The Freedom Tower” and demand that Anthony Cosica be fired. Contact the Port Authority. Contact mayor Bloomberg. Contact your congressman or senators, because the Freedom Tower belongs not to NYC, but to the entire nation. Below is some information to help you do that.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 312-0700



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