Philadelphia balck flash mob

Black mobs terrorizing whites nationwide

Black falsh mob attacks whites

This is what November 2012 will look like !

Get ready!

What did you think was going to happen? What did you think the result would be? The media is constantly pounding the not so subliminal message that whites are evil and stupid. Politicians are doing the same.  Actually, politicians are worse.  Obama laughingly agreed with Lula, the former Brazillian president (and prior to that former Brazilian communist agitator) when the latter said that the global financial crisis was caused by “blond hair blue eyed devils”.

It doesn’t stop there.  “Educators” are also stuffing the brains of students with the notions that whites are evil and thieves and stupid and helpless.


The media calls them “flash mobs”. Isn’t that quaint? Flash Mobs?  Aren’t  those the dancing folks? Bull sh*t.  These are not “flash mobs”.  These are organized gangs of black thugs and criminals attacking whites and white owned businesses .

Madison Avenue also pushes the agenda that whites are either evil or stupid or both. In one Pepsi commercial, a black couple happily throw a can of Pepsi at the head of a white woman with a velocity that would indicate a fatal blow to the woman’s temple.  That perhaps is the  most obvious of the anti-white commercials. However, it is by no means the only one.  Just turn on your TV and I challenge you to find a single commercial or TV show where whites are not  portrayed as evil or crooks or stupid or inept.

No one in the media will tell you that these are black mobs. During an entire segment that Glen Beck did on the subject never once did he mention the word “black”.

Every year there are over 500,000 more violent attacks against whites by blacks than vice versa .  500,000 and no one says a word about it .

Black mobs terrorizing AmericaI’ve warned, as far back as just  after the first NYC tea pary, I’ve warned you that “if we don’t stop this, taking your money will be the least of your worries”.

Akron Ohio black mob attacks white family

In Akron Ohio a black mob attacked white homeowners on their own property. There have been no hate crime charges brought up because the blacks only shouted ”this is our world” and ”this is a black world”.  Of course, these could not possibly be considered racist remarks and they only attacked the man, his daughter, his friend and his son.

The father describes his good fortune thus  ”I’m lucky. They didn’t break my ribs or bruise my ribs. I thank God they concentrated on my thick head because I do have one.  They were trying to take my head off my spine, basically.”  And then added ”this makes you think about your freedom. In all reality, where is your freedom when you have this going on?”

You can read more about this attack here

Cleveland Heights , Ohio

About 40 Cleveland Heights police officers had to control a crowd of unruly teenagers in the last hour of the Coventry Street Arts Fair Sunday [June 26, 2011], an event [that] closes Coventry Road every summer from Mayfield Road to Euclid Heights Boulevard.
The teens, who other kids said were from “all over the place — Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights — were starting fights, screaming and throwing punches in the crowded streets”, according to witnesses and shop owners.

Sarah Corcoran, 21, of Cleveland Heights, said she saw about 75 people run through the street, some yelling, just before the fair was scheduled to end at 6 p.m. Police showed up shortly after to clear the streets.


Philadelphia balck flash mobPhiladelphia Pennsylvania

Other victims were not so lucky.  Just walking in Downtown Philadelphia  is simply not safe.   A 27-year-old woman’s leg was broken and several other people were injured Saturday night after  a group of 30-40 black teens accosted pedestrians in Philadelphia’s Spring Garden area.

Upper Darby Pennsylvania

A group of 40 to 50 blacks invaded the Sears store and robbed it.

Chicago Illinois

In Chicago attacks by black mobs are becoming routine. So much so that the police is now mobilizing detectives and additional officers  to form gang  units in a  desperate effort to try to get a handle of this.

So far they are failing.

June 9th 2011,”police here are girding for another weekend of ‘flash mob’ attacks after arresting 29 people in connection with a recent rash of assaults and robberies in and around the city’s tony shopping and dining district. Twelve crimes involving large groups of young men were reported last weekend in addition to others earlier this spring. The incidents are some of the first major problems confronting newly appointed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy”.

The attacks are typical of what this man, Krzysztof Wilkowski,  experience after shopping on Michigan Avenue.  He was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.   After he was dazed by the blow , “a few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone”.

Another victim was  “Jesse Andersen, the 35-year-old brother of Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan” who was accosted and attacked by a black mob while waiting for the train.

Don’t think that these attacks occur in some devastated ghetto.  On the contrary.  The black mobs are praying  on victims in Chicago’s affluent North Side, including the very popular tourist attraction,  The Magnificent Mile.

A few days ago another balck mob invaded and took over a Walgreens store right on the “Magnificent Mile”.

Read full article here

Peoria Illinois ” kill all the white people”

A mob of African-American male youths terrorized White residents of Peoria, Illinois as they shouted “kill all the White people” while rioting in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Eyewitness Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association, wrote the following account in the Peoria Chroncile:
Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as “we need to kill all the white people around here”.  They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police.
This is the fifth large mob action in about a month while smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night.

No. Virginia

Three people were beaten by mobs in Northern Virginia in two separate incidents that occurred within five minutes of each other on Saturday night, authorities said.

To think that this is random stretches the furthest bounds of credulity and requires a suspension of disbelief bordering on comatose.  The spark of these attacks is planned and  some of them were actually organized on social media sites. Do you remember which president got elected using social media sites?

You don’t think that these are dry runs for the upcoming 2012 elections? Really, OK, read this.



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