Black Dem Congressman Thinks Guam Will Tip Over

He even looks like an imbecile doens't he?

He even looks like an imbecile doens't he?

Yeah this imbecile must have attended school on the same program as Barrack Obamba and Sotmayor.

This absolute idiot thinks that if  Marines land in Guam the island will tip over!! Yeah sure he’s a democrat and he’s black so the mass media won’t report it because they don’t want you to know whom  exactly it is that is passing the laws that steal your money and liberty. As I’ve told you all along we are governed by kumquats who are barely qualified to pick, well, kumquats.

I really love it when the imbecile gives what he says, are the dimensions of the island, length and width, and then says  “I don’t know how many SQUARE miles that is…” ( notice how he accents ‘square” to show us how smart he is.

But notice how authoritative he sounds, just like Sotomayor and how thoughtfully he presents his argument ( I especially like how he says “sensitive” ) just like Obamba as he proceeds to show us why affirmative action is a cancer on our nation and the black community in particular.

Think back to this video whenever you wonder why you are now a serf- it ‘s because you let it happen


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